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Sep-17-10 12:48 am
Please update the directions to ride start GLN, Glenelg High School
Category: Social

I'll make the change in the upcoming newsletter.

Aug-31-10 02:32 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I'll echo what everyone else on the team has said -- the 24 Hours of Booty ride was a great challenge and a fun experience!  It was very nice to meet and ride with (well, be endlessly passed by  current/big_smile ) Terry, Nigel, Chris, and Jeff.  (Although I am quite happy with my 150 miles, I am *very* proud of the fact that I managed to hang onto their wheels for most of the first lap, saying "See ya!" shortly after we hit the hill.  Now that I think about it, that effort probably sucked 10 miles out of my total.  Thanks for nothing, guys!  current/mad   current/wink )

Jun-21-10 04:01 pm
Adding Start Locations
Category: Social

Hi, Bob.  If you send me some brief directions on how to get to your ride starts (something that looks more or less like the already-existing ride starts), I'll give them each one of those three-letter codes and get them into the newsletter, from which (I believe) they will make their way onto the Web site as well.

My "editor" e-mail is

-- Max

Jun-21-10 03:53 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Carl wrote:

The only negative thing is ,that I find the signage on the BWI trail to be lacking & or confusing.This seemed especially true on the return trip home.Perhaps it just seems so because I spent too much time in the sun, & or , am easily confused??

Well, I'm not going to speculate on how easily confused you are   current/smile   but I agree that there are a few spots on the BWI Trail (chiefly where it links to the B&A, and at that "spur" that goes over to the airport) where the signage isn't all that clear.  I ride there so often (I live close by) that I don't even notice the existence of the signs at all anymore, but I remember being slightly baffled my first few times out.

It has been my mission this summer (but something has always interfered!) to ride my bike down to Sandy Point State Park, with my bathing suit, towel, cheap novel, and probably my little roll-up backpacking chair, and spend the day lolling on the sand and occasionally dipping into the Bay.   (Just have to figure out how to tote the beach umbrella along!)  current/big_smile   I'll have to do it soon; the jellyfish will be arriving before  too long.

I've ridden to Sandy Point a few times, and yes, they've never charged me; neither has Patapsco State Park, the few times I've come in the actual "official" entrance.  Maybe it's state park policy?

Jun-21-10 03:44 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

current/yikes  Oh, no, get well soon!  I'll FB-stalk you later . . .

Jun-18-10 07:12 pm
Category: Social

Hi, Terry.  Sure, I'll join the (mostly) BBC team.  (I'm assuming that it won't be too much agony to switch my solo registration to a team version.)  I can't hang with you fast guys  current/wink, but I can do 2-mile circles all day (and most of all night) long. 

Last year's weather was quite miserable (cool, drenching rains for nearly 20 of the 24 hours!), so I'm figuring things can only get better, right?  Except that they switched the date from the end of September to the end of August -- the heat and humidity may well have me looking back fondly on last year's downpours.

Apr-11-10 10:21 am
Support the bill
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Harry, great inspiration, and big kudos to Terry and all the other Club members for pulling this together so quickly!  I so wish I could join the ride, but I went in to work last night to check our calendar, and 3 of the 5 of us are already going to be away from the office on Monday (including my boss, for whom I serve as the only backup on certain issues.)  I was very disappointed, but I'll be thinking of you all!

I want to put a write-up about this into the next letter, so if anyone wants to send me input, please feel free --  Pictures, too, possibly.

-- Maxine (a/k/a Newsletter Editor)

Apr-09-10 11:47 am
Is this an almost never, or sometimes, or I'm wonderful?
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style


Apr-09-10 11:33 am
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

First time posting on the new site, random thoughts:

I am just about convinced that I should go get some new uber-bright lights to replace my trusty Cateyes, and run them in the daytime as well as the dark.  However, this is based solely on the fact that a lot of cyclists whom I really respect  current/wink swear by them.  I've never been able to wrap my head the idea that a motorist will not notice my fat @@@ rolling down the road, but he/she *will* notice the tiny (albeit bright) light blinking right below said fat @@@.   current/big_smile 

Agree on disliking the "share the road" signs, for the implied message that my presence on the road is only possible due to the magnanimous allowance of the motorist to whom the road *really* belongs.  Of course, I know that as a matter of physics (car vs. bike, car wins) this is absolutely true, but still . . . I prefer the more belligerent "bikes allowed to use entire lane" or something like that.

Designated "bike route" signs, even if the roads themselves aren't improved in any way, *might* serve to get motorists more sensitized to the fact that bicyles are on those roads, and that the state says they have the right to be there.

Um . . . I just created an account, and I don't have "newsletter" as an option under the "User Menu."  All I have is "Your Details" and "Log Out." 

Does it just need some time to kick in (and/or figure out that I am a BBC member?)  Thanks.

-- Maxine (the Newsletter Editor  current/wink

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