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Aug-10-18 06:40 pm
Category: Social

Where is there a picture our new club jersey, and how do I order one?  Janet MUST have one so she can represent while riding in Sororro NM.

Bill Gary

The Tour de Frederick is on Saturday...anyone planning to do it?  I'm signed up for it,
but the weather looks iffy.

Bill Gary

Jul-06-18 12:47 pm
Ride Calendar version of Flatlands in July entry
Category: Social

Honest, I tried...

For the last 3 days, I have been trying to add the 'Flatlands in July' ride to the ride calendar for this Sunday the 8th....but it never saved my entry.

I'll post it here...if anyone is interested, please let me know and come join us on Sunday. If this is an illegal method of posting a ride, Please delete this posting, but let me know why I can't post a ride correctly on the calendar.

Here it is....

Flatlands in July!

All Pace Long

Ride Date:
Sunday, July 8th 2018, 8:00AM - 3:30PM

Bohemia Manor High School, 2755 Augustine Herman Hwy, Chesapeake City, MD (Cecil County)

104 miles

Leaders Pace:
17 mph

Ride Terrain:


Rest stops:

Weather Cancellation:

Ride Leader:
Bill Gary


(410) 404-5858


The Flatlands Tour in July, for those who Bike Virginia'ed in June and missed this club classic, or anyone who wants to do a last flat ride
before the hillier centuries in August and September.  I'll bring cueue sheets for the 65 mile and 104 mile routes. Directions to the ride
start and ride details are listed in the 'Flatlands Tour' link on the BBC Web page near the bottom of the right-most column. 

I'd like to start as near to 8:00 AM as possible. For now the weather looks great for Sunday, but I'll post a notice immediately if the forecast
changes and we need to re-schedule the ride.

While riding Rando Bob's Chesapeake Beach Century this past weekend, I discovered that the bridge on Rutland Rd off of Defense Hwy (Rt 450) is out completely. Walking across is not an option, and the detour takes you 8 miles out of the way.  If Rutland Rd is on your route, check a map for alternative roads.

Bill Gary

Pre Bike Virginia, I'm considering doing the Chesapeake Beach century on the 16th or 17th. I've noticed that the parking lot at the Dixon observation park near BWI fills up very quickly in the morning....does anyone know of a place to park that's near the observation area with room for multiple cars? Please respond here or email me at  Thanks,   Bill Gary

I lucked up on this collectors item a few years's a 59cm Litespeed Team Issue frame from 2000, made by Litespeed for the Colorado Cyclists team.  It's a mix of Litespeed  Classic and Tuscany tubes with very neutral geometry and a smooth ride. It came with a Time Millenium fork...very classic, but also very heavy, so I replaced it with a full carbon fork.  If you just want the frame, fork, bottom bracket (Chris King)and headset that's fine, or we can negotiate on the whole bike.  Of course, pictures and more details are available if you're interested.

Contact me at


Bill Gary

I WAS planning to do the Tour de Frederick this weekend, but the weather keeps looking iffy. Is anyone else intending to do this ride on Saturday?

Bill Gary

Please let me know by replying to this post if you're interested in a 1 month delayed repeat of the Flatlands route this coming Sunday July 30th.  We who did Bike Virginia missed this BBC classic ride back in June, and all the centuries coming up in August and Sept are hilly...this is one of the last chances we'll
have to ride a restful, scenic and mostly flat event. I'll keep a close watch on the weather for this weekend so I can provide lots of lead time in case of cancellation.  I'll bring queue sheets for the full and metric centuries and refer new riders to the original Flatlands icon on the BBC website for more ride information.  I'll post it to the ride schedule by tomorrow (Wednesday the 26th).

Bill Gary

Jul-09-17 09:11 am
Category: Technical

I've switched over to 25MM tires, so I'm selling my stock of 23MM's.  I'm starting with 3 black and red Vittoria Diamante Pro 23 wide tires, new in boxes.
Very supple ride (220 TPI) with very good flat protection. $35 each OBO.

Let me know if you're interested,

Bill Gary

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