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Aug-11-11 04:08 pm
mix of new and used, std and compact
Category: Technical

By changing over my bikes from standard cranks (Bolt circle Dia of 130) to compact cranks, I've amassed a collection of chain rings...anybody need any of them?
They are new and used, 51, 53, 50 39 , 38 and 34 tooth, a mix of Shimano standard issue and TA 'after-market'.  Contact me, let me know what you're interested in,
make me an offer.  Any CR's left after a week or so will be donated to the 'Velosophy' project in downtown Baltimore.

Bill Gary

Aug-01-11 01:32 pm
Just in time for the Vuelta!
Category: Social

The Universl Sports Channel, which tends to broadcast more cycling events
than Versus, is now available on DirectV as part of their 'sports pack'.

I'm going to sign up for it for the Tour of Spain coverage..I'll let you know
if it's an improvement over Versus.


May-02-11 05:38 pm
P-R, LBL and Flanders
Category: Social

Hey, that the classics season is over, I've put my
Versus coverage of Paris-Roubaix, LBL and the Tour of Flanders on
2 DVD's to share with those family members who missed any of these
great races.  The disks are for circulation among the tribe in order
of your responses to this post. (I don't need them returned to me).
It will be the responsibity of each viewer to pass them on to the next
person in line.   Renee're up first.  Send me your address,
I'll send you the disks.

Bill Gary

I didn't have a chance to pre-drive the route, so I'm going to do
this as an 'organized, but less than club ride' style outing.  We'll
leave from Mt View Middle School at 9:30 AM, doing the standard 70.5 mile
(about 4500 ft of climbing) loop. Lunch is at the Weiss Shopping Center in
Damascus at mile 36 and there's a Citco gas station with food at mile 59.
I'll bring cueue sheets with maps.  Please call me at (410) 366-0956 if you
have any questions or if you need more details about the ride.
As always...please know that all the climbing encountered on this ride is
Janet's fault and, ultimately, her responsibility.

Bill Gary

Apr-05-11 01:36 pm
58 cm Habanero road frame
Category: Technical

For Sale....
58 cm Habanero titanium road frame with a Forte carbon fork,
a new (November 2010) Cane Creek headset and (if you want it),
a new (also November 2010) SRAM Rival 172.5 compact crank with
9 speed or 10 speed chain rings and the SRAM-specific bb that
comes with the crank.

The Habanero is a basic no-frills titanium frame with standard road
geometry (see '' for details) and
straight-gauge tubing...yet it still gives a firm but resilient
ride. It has never been crashed and CERTAINLY never been raced!
It would make a perfect 'hi-end beater' bike for someone!

$400.00 OBO. Pictures are possible if you want.

I live in Baltimore, could meet halfway between there and where-
ever you are.

Please contact me off-forum (

Bill Gary in Baltimore

Jan-03-11 03:47 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

8,339.5 miles in total, (as few as possible descending).
   Highest month was July (908 miles),
   most fun were the 310 miles in Tucson or the 340 miles in Tuscany.

Nov-29-10 12:30 pm
How DO you know??
Category: Technical

With Speedplay x cleats, there wears a visible flat spot
on the spring that tells you when it's time for new cleats.
On the 'zero' cleats, there is no obvious question is
how do you know when it's time (or more importantly, PAST time)
to change them??


Nov-19-10 10:44 pm
56.5 cm titanium Litespeed frameset for sale
Category: Technical

Hey David...
Is your frame still available?
Let me know off list at
Bill Gary

Nov-09-10 06:58 pm
Preliminary planning of a bike trip to San Diego, late winter/early sp
Category: Social

Hey, Everyone.....

..."it's too early to be thinking about riding in early Spring
2011", you might say...and if we were planning another Tuscson
trek like we've done for the last 4 or 5 years, you'd be right.

But next year could be different. Instead of arriving in Arizona,
where speaking Spanish in public could require that I PROVE I was
born in Detroit, I'm thinking of some costal/mountainal riding in
San Diego, CA. Our base camp would be in nothern SD County near
Escondido, north of SD..our timeframe would be the same as usual..
late February, early March of 2011.  This change of location would
give us better roads, more varied terrain and HOPEFULLY the same
warm dry weather we've always had in Arizona.  I have many cycling
contacts in the greater San Diego area, so routes and cueue sheets
shouldn't be a problem. Since lodging is the single most expensive
part of these trips, I'm looking into the cost/availability of
hotels near our base camp for flights, Southwest can fly
us nonstop from BWI to SD for aboout $300! (And bikeboxes fly for
only $50.00).

This trip is still in the early planning stages, so please contact
me off-forum ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with comments, questions or experiences
you've had riding in the SD area.  I'll post a summary of responses
as I receive them until our riding plans are firmed up.

I've copied this post to this forum from 'Out of Bounds' because I thought
more folks would see it here. Sorry for the double posting.


Bill Gary

Nov-09-10 02:07 pm
Category: Social

Hey Terry...I have a post in the 'Rides/Out of Bounds' forum
asking if anyone is interested in a late Winter/early Spring
(2011) cycling trip to San Diego CA.  Should I duplicate that
post in this forum??
Let me know if you're interested,

Bill Gary

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