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Seems pretty obvious from the design sheet that anyone coming eastbound from Worthington to Greenspring ave is gonna roll through that circle at 50mph. Any cyclist attempting a left from Tufton to G'spring would be dead meat.

The best circle alignments are when all feeder roads point directly to the center of the circle like it's a T intersection. Then drivers slow down significantly, and bear right after careful inspection of the traffic.

This looks like a disaster. 

my 2¢

I'm bringing back the Wednesday night work-outs. We will be doing only hill climbs this year, all starting from Starbucks Roland Park at 7:30PM. The rides are 1 hour long.

We'll alternate between several different routes. The rides are hard, but not about speed. We re-group frequently.
Ask questions if you've got em.

more details at

As usual, great riding with you.
Glad you came.   -Bob

December Ramble ride happening tomorrow. 87 miles on and off of the B&A trail. The "off" parts are diversions to Sandy Point park, downtown Annapolis and Thomas Point park. Return is to the west of BWI. Two rest stops 30 miles apart. No lunch stop. Planning to be back in town by 2PM so we don't get snagged by the Ravens game. Come on out.

Details on the schedule and at the ramble blog.


50 miles of gravel in 75 miles of riding.

Start is in Hampstead. We head up into Adams and York counties.
Lunch in Glen Rock.

Details on sched. and:

Taking advantage of the rt40/Hatem bridge which is now available to cyclists, I decided to launch a big, big ride around the northern Chesapeake– not much climbing, but 175 miles of saddle time. I know, we're crazy.

Details are on the BBC schedule and

If you're interested in riding all or part of this, PLEASE contact me about it.
Best.     -Bob

Jun-13-16 10:01 pm
Cycle Track Causes Confusion
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Yes, it is a bad idea– for you and me. Luckily we get to ride in the lane or pick another road.
This cycle track is best for the Roland Park kids to ride to school.

AND, if they use it, then their moms and dads don't drive them to school and block the lanes and door the rest of us.
I hope it works!

May-28-16 02:37 pm
Category: Social

Good point and good article, Stuart.

Personally, I hate sunscreen. I hate putting it on and how it feels. Yuck.
But, I'm not eager to have chunks of cancerous skin carved outa me either.

I seek full sleeve jerseys– white, high collar and extra breathable.
I'll put a stick sunscreen on my cheeks (face, that is) and nose. NEVER any above my eyes. I wear a brimmed cap.
Lastly, I'll slather as much onto the tops of my quads and all over my calves.

I'll reapply to the tops of my calves with the stick after my lunch stop.
I see more long distance riders wearing full sleeve and full leg protection from the sun.

You guys talking about me like I'm not in the room? ;-)

Don't know when the BBC library's version was uploaded. Most of my rides get revised every year. We rode down to Chesapeake Beach last year in July.

Here's the links to the most recent cue sheets and maps and GPS files: … ake-beach/

BTW: next Ramble is up to Taneytown on June 5th.

  -rando Bob

The year's M2M ride will be Sunday May 1st.
More details on the ride description and the blog


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