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Tomorrow we'll be riding April's long distance Ramble Ride.

Up into Harford county we go, through Rocks state park to Pylesville, down to lunch in Bel Air and then home.
It will be windy, hilly and chilly, but will give you 91 good base miles early in the year.

Details are on the calendar and

Enjoy.    -Bob

Mar-17-16 12:37 pm
Three Foot Passing Law Passed Committee w/Amendment; Call your delegates today
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Thanks for posting this here.

You can use this link to contact your state legislators: … qid=952956

Others may have better suggestions, but if you like my wording, feel free to use it:

PLEASE make my streets safer for bicycle traffic.

When we allow drivers to speed and pass dangerously we threaten the lives of cyclists AND other drivers. Unless we make stricter laws on bad driving behavior NOW, we'll continue to promote a threatening, car-centric environment on our roads. Help end dangerous behavior by bad drivers.

Mar-08-16 11:27 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Yes. Thank you Jeffrey and Janet for bringing this to light.

Very important.

Mar-03-16 11:52 am
Cycle Track Causes Confusion
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

My understanding was that this was a RP Civic League project from day one. They've been pressing DOT for several years to make the track. The reason why it happened this year is because it coincided with scheduled repaving.

Personally, I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear drivers complaining about the dangers of travel lanes. They didn't give a hoot when it was the bikers out in the lane- now it's their turn to feel that woosh of air as a prep school mom plows through the neighborhood @45mph.

It'll be interesting to see if the newly energized community advocates reverse the work. Waste of $/time either way. And, the "old way" didn't protect Tom P. much.


Feb-27-16 05:49 pm
a new club library feature on Ride w/GPS
Category: Social

RWGPS just sent me a teaser for new features on their site. I use RWGPS to plan, share and archive all my routes. I believe their service is better than the current club library. Now they are offering a club account. The BBC might consider looking into it.

The Club Account would be a paid account (I don't know the cost) administered by any club to share the club's rides with approved members. RWGPS has a video explaining various aspects of the account here:

Positives that I see are: providing all of our routes with a uniform look. They'd have the same map, cues and Garmin exports. The routes could be commented on by members if there were any issues with what they'd ridden. A MUCH better  ride search engine for the library.

Negatives would be: the time-consuming transfer (again) of routes from the BBC libraries. Also, moving the library to another site divides the member experience (much like the FB page does) away from the main BBC pages.

my 2¢

BTW: I don't benefit in any way from RWGPS, I'm just a satisfied user who's been using them for many years.

Feb-27-16 04:39 pm
Cycle Track Causes Confusion
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

It's great that the Roland cycle track is getting all this attention, but it sure seems a little late. The civic league had this planned with the support of whatever RP community cared at the time.  Meetings were had and the cycle track is done... or, almost done.

I ride it many times a week to work. My review?: meh.

Before the track, I got buzzed by traffic, worried about getting doored, got hung up by illegal stopping at the schools and only very rarely saw other riders.
After the track, I get buzzed less by traffic, am worried less about getting doored, but still get hung up at the schools. I am hoping to see more riders once the weather breaks.

Honestly, I'd be happy getting behind slower riders who are out for the first time. They are who this track is for. Quicker, more confident riders, can pick another road or come out into the lane just like before.

Whatcha gonna do? Winter happens.

I did some riding on a couple of our Roland Park hills this morning and they were quite slippery.
Not worth falling.

Stay in touch and we’ll shoot for next Wednesday.  -Bob

Janet Goldstein wrote:

Aw, just like Rando Bob to be reasonable....

or your cold glass of water- "Janet, snap out of it, you're on a bike club forum"

My favorite NCR users are the guy who has his husky in a harness pulling him in a 3 wheeled chariot,
and the woman who frequently walks her 2 dogs and goat together. (the 3 of them look the same from 50yds back, and will eat your lunch out of your jersey pocket if you stop to chat)

See what you're missing?

Janet Goldstein wrote:

Yet another reason to avoid the NCR trail....

"In Janet's Humble Opinion" that is.
There is quite enough written discouraging cyclists from riding their bikes here or there. Tsk, tsk.

I love the NCR. Like all bike riding, you've gotta consider the conditions and whether they fit with your activity. I wouldn't expect to ride fast near Monkton on a summer afternoon. That'd be foolish, frustrating and dangerous. However, very early mornings especially on weekdays, and off-season times can give you hours of hard solo riding. It's a beautiful and historic cruise through the Gunpowder watershed.

E-bikes? Segways? hmmm... not really my thing, but if handicapped users rode with respect and responsibility, seeing them would sure make me happy. They'd only add to the nice diversity of users.

Rain, rain, rain cancels the ride tonight.

If the weather is kindly, we'll meet next Wednesday for hill climbs.


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