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Apr-09-10 04:48 pm
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Weird poll format.
I clicked the 20-80 vote and hit submit. In the second it took to refresh the screen, I noticed that the 0-10 "are you nutz" box was also still checked off. Did I make two simultaneous votes?

Apr-09-10 10:46 am
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

bbalch1 wrote:

Which leads me to another question - anybody know about any bumper sticker campaigns like the motorbikes have?  You know those yellow stickers that say something like "Share the Road" or something like that?

there's an interesting article in a recent Urban Velo about signage. The writer of the article is questioning the value of the "share the road" phrase. the implication of "share the road" is that you are asking drivers to give away something they already have- full use of the road. the writer likes more direct phrasing like: "watch for bikes" implying that bikes are already in the area the driver is entering and that they need to be aware of it.

and to add to the "hijack" (which I think is very worthwhile) Dinotte lighting is expensive and ABSOLUTELY worth the expense. Imagine yourself in the hospital with your teeth knocked out and a big lump on your head wondering why you didn't spend $200 on better lighting. However, there is also some inexpensive options. I run 2 Planet Bike super flashes on the back of my helmet (positioning the lights are critical here) and another LED on the seat post. On front I run Cyo hi intensity LED from a dynamo as well as a Fenix light on my helmet. Front lighting is as important (perhaps more so) than rear. email me if you want more detail of where to get any of these.

Apr-08-10 10:40 am
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Gotta agree with Isaias here. Lights are cheaper, brighter and lighter weight than they've ever been and I think they have a great effect at attracting attention.

For a couple years I only ran lights at night. The more I rode, the more I realized drivers gave me a wider berth and looked me in the eye when I had lights both day and night. But, your lights need to be BRIGHT for daytime use. In today's world of distracted driving it's not enough to just be "visable". You need to be attracting the attention of drivers who aren't even looking. Sad, but true.

Apr-07-10 12:31 pm
Reported from the radio's traffic Wed evening at rush hour.
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My heart goes out to you and your family.
Thank you so much for taking the time and courage to reach out to us at the BBC.
All of us are obviously very concerned and interested in whatever information you can give.
Take care.

Apr-06-10 03:26 pm
the Holtwood Conowingo ride report
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

A tough and beautiful ride. Thanks to Tom and Isaias.
A ride report (sort of) and pics here:


Apr-02-10 11:54 am
Sunday's Rando Ramble
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I rode a check out ride for this yesterday and both the weather and the ride were stunning.
I've been putting a lot of info about these rides here:
Check it out.

If you have any questions or concerns about this ride or about riding any future rides in this series do not hesitate to ask.
I'll get you involved.


Mar-23-10 11:38 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Good words. I cannot disagree, however this seems like the perspective of yet another healthy, well-schooled guy from a nice neighborhood to imply that riding in the streets is "knowledge (that) is readily available and the skills easily learned".  The problem is, not everyone has these privileges. Many (most?) people have a lot to overcome to get a decent working bike, to keep it safe,  and to find other riders or resources to learn from. Gotta give these people all the help and respect we can.
       -Bob (yet another healthy, well-schooled guy from a nice neighborhood) Wagner

BTW Who is Galen Wallace?

Mar-22-10 11:15 pm
Thanks Janet, Isaias and Ben!
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports … nto-spring

Next Rando Ramble is April 4th- up and over the Susquehanna via Holtwood.

Mar-19-10 07:38 pm
I'm not happy with the Forum and don't wish to lose the old Yahoo list
Category: Social


Go here: … ;Itemid=64
(this the "General Questions" forum within the "Social" main forum group)
Go to the upper right and click "forum tools"
Click Subscribe.

You will now receive all emails coming into the "General Questions" forum.
If you back up to "Ride Reports", "Volunteers", "Advocacy" and "Website Suggestions" and subscribe to them, then you've got all of the "Social" forum posts. Continue with the other root categories and you'll get every email sent to every forum.

Yes, this is also a PITA, but it is so only once.

Mar-19-10 04:24 pm
I'm not happy with the Forum and don't wish to lose the old Yahoo list
Category: Social

It ain't all that, but I'm really not seeing what the "difficulty" is with the new forum.

I got Isaias' post in my email inbox (as I see all the posts from this forum) same as when we were using BBCTalk.
I clicked the topic link in the email which took me to the topic view here- no searching.
I had logged in earlier and was still logged in, so I clicked reply and started typing this.

So, what was that- read, click to forum, click to reply. hmm... one more mouse click.

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