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Patapsco Valley is NOT a good place to be in a flood.  Ride is cancelled

Jun-01-21 11:05 am
How to add a Ride to the Club Database
Category: Social

I would like to add the cues for my casual rides through the Patapsco to the Club library at Ride with GPS.  Who do I contact for that?

Also is there a way to easily copy and paste the links into the TEXT of the ride description?  Since there are two links for my ride, I don't want to use the box that allows me to paste the url. 


Jul-24-20 07:02 am
Seeking advise for a bike trip from Baltimore to DC
Category: Social

You can also take the MARC train and then bike around the city if you are not up for a century ride.  It is easy to roll on and off, hang your bike and be in the city easily and in air conditioned comfort.   

If you post on the BBC Facebook page, you will probably get a bunch more ideas.  Good Luck!

Jun-09-20 06:31 am
Let's do Some Virtual Rides for Bike Month
Category: Social

Thanks for your support.  I do think that there are ways that we can ride as a club and still stay safe. 

However,I was not necessarily advocating riding together.  I was trying to challenge the club leadership to be creative and proactive in capitalizing on the amazing number of new folks that are now riding bikes to build our community and perhaps our membership. 

Proactive marketing of our club at this time could make it a stronger, more viable club for the future.  We have a ton of money in the bank that is not doing much.   We could be doing things like  "Coffeneuring challenges", Bike Path Bingo,  Strava/GPS pictures from riding a creative route.  Challenge rides to find the Hilliest, or Shadiest way to get from Linthicum to Catonsville (choose your own two locations.)  Prizes for downloading BBC cue sheets.  Signs placed by the bike paths inviting folks to check out our cue sheets.  Perhaps even  an on-line Instructional series. 

I am sad that the club does not seem to be interested in growing and supporting these new/returning riders. 

May-07-20 09:31 pm
Let's do Some Virtual Rides for Bike Month
Category: Social

Hey, it's bike month. I have had 2 glasses of wine, and I want the BBC to do something.  Can we do some virtual bike rides and share on Facebook?  How about a challenge to post pictures of the prettiest, or gps most relaxing, or strava of a route for the fast riders?   People like me are at home, looking for a way to do something new.  BBC membership leadership... challenge us! 

Apr-11-20 08:58 pm
We should be looking for ways to get all these Covid Bike riders into our club
Category: Social

I am seeing lots of my neighbors riding bicycles. Many people are riding now because they can't get to their club. 

It seems to me that the club is missing a marketing opportunity to get new members.  These folks are crowding out the bike trails and are desperate for less crowded places to ride where they can still feel safe.

We (BBC) KNOW those routes.  Can we find a way to share some of the most gentle, safe, nonthreatening routes with these newbies?  Perhaps get some labeled on ride with GPS as BBC rides.  Then get our members to post the link on their local FACEBOOK pages.    If there was a way to get people to give us their email address in exchange for looking at our AWESOME bike routes, then we could market to them in the future.

If we want this club to grow, we are going to have to be pro-active.

Thanks Steve.  I looked through 3 years of minutes and annual meetings.  No complete and audited budget in any of the notes.  There are small details, but nothing that shows the overall picture.  Thanks for reminding me about the Board meeting.

I was wondering how we spent all the money that we raise from the CWC and could not find a copy of the treasurers report on-line.  Where would I find it?

Nov-15-17 11:06 am
A Scavanger Hunt to help the Food Bank

Anyone want to make a BBC team? 

Cranksgiving is a food drive on two wheels.
Part bike ride, part food drive, and part scavenger hunt.
All you need is a bike, a bag, and a lock!

Sep-23-17 07:32 am
Need advice
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Thanks Carol, that IS really helpful.

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