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Jul-17-14 04:42 pm
Can the calendar show any bike related event?
Category: Social

Why not make a dedicated thread for EVENTS related to bicycles as a new part of the FORUM? I am with Dan in that I generally hear about great bike fun and ways to support bicycling after the event.  How should we raise this idea to the leadership and get consensus on this?

It seems to me that our members are really hungry for a good active forum based on the numbers of views on these threads.

Jul-02-14 11:04 pm
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

We did have a great trip, stayed in Durbin overnight and enjoyed poking around in the railroad yard.  We definitely got a few grass seeds caught in the spokes on the rail trail.   As you know the views are great, the scenery constantly changing.   About 3000 elevation on dirt roads was made a lot easier with cool temps.   We will post a trip report with pi ts.....once we get back from touring in Washington.

If you have trips let us know too (please ).

Jan-04-14 10:50 am
Does Amtrak now take bikes?

I thought that I read that Amtrak or MARC was going to be set up to take a limited number of bikes on the Northeast Regional trains.  Has anyone heard anything more about that?   

I'd love to be able to ride the train to the Five Boro Ride

Nov-23-13 05:43 pm
Driver gets tickets for death of cyclist in AA County
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

From the Washington Post  “The grand jury determined that there was no probable cause to charge the driver with Criminally Negligent Manslaughter, which would have required a finding that she drove in a manner that was a gross deviation of the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise under the circumstances,” said a six-paragraph statement issued by the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s office. “As a result of the grand jury’s decision, the Anne Arundel County police will issue negligent driving and related traffic offenses to the driver by citation.”

If you hear of any organized protests for this, or have any ideas about how we can respond appropriately.  Please post.

Nov-23-13 05:36 pm
Topic: Sad news
cycle accident death
Category: Social

No criminal charges in bike fatality
From the Capital Gazette: 
An Anne Arundel County grand jury didn’t find probable cause to charge Decesaris with criminally negligent manslaughter.
She faces four pending charges: failure to exercise caution to avoid an accident with a bicyclist, driving left of center and passing when it’s unsafe, negligent driving in a manner endangering a person or property, and failure to control speed to avoid a collision.
Each of the charges could carry up to a $500 fine, making a maximum possible penalty of $2,000. No potential jail time is attached to the charges.

Fellow BBC.  Please Post if you hear about any protest rides or actions associated with this.

Oct-06-13 07:33 pm
Great Ride - Great Ride Leader
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

This is one of the nicest rides around.  The roads are peaceful, and as advertised there were lots of long, easy sloped valleys and great views.    Tom Valenti led the ride, and  no one got dropped, we even  re-grouped twice.  As a result, everyone got a chance to ride with folks that we often don't see,... except for their rear wheel disappearing down the road. .  We had some nice serene,  safe riding,  and lots of sweat beacuse it was HOT.  TV is muttering that he may offer this again in about a month.  Let's hope someone does, the foliage will be great.  (No photos included, a friendship is at risk!)

Oct-06-13 07:13 pm
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Loaded Tour   Scott Durloo and I will be leaving from Williamsport Friday October 11 at around 4:30 pm , getting on the C&O for 10 miles, then camping at McCoy's Ferry.  In the  morning we'll go  15 miles up to Hancock for breakfast then return to down to Williamsport on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. 30 ish miles  in the afternoon.  We'll be at home on Saturday night!  Sub24 hours and a bunch of fun.   Just keep in mind Saturday will  be a total of about 45 miles. 

We may have an extra set of panniers, you will need your own rack, camping gear , food  and a bike that can go on gravel..  We will bring coffee for the morning

I you have wanted to try bike touring, this is a good way to start.  Please email  me by Wednesday if you plan to join us. 

Aug-23-13 11:37 am
Interest in Starting a Bike Touring Page?
Category: Social

Here is a suggestion,
Start in Hagerstown (yes... in town, more interesting) at about 4:30 Friday.  Bike to McCoy's Ferry or Ft Frederick (16 or 23 miles) on the C&O, camp,  then next morning another 14 miles to Hancock for Breakfast, return on the Western Maryland Rail Trail. 30 ish miles back to Hagerstown.  That way we could be home on Saturday night, and have Sunday free.   It is flat, and a really easy start.  Thinking that this will be a self supported so we pack tents, stoves and food. 

If I can get two other folks to come along.. I will schedule it on the BBC site.  I am good for most weekends in September except 20-21.  Let's aim for the Friday Sept 13- Sat14  or Oct 4 and 5??  That way we don't overlap with CWC or Lancaster.

Aug-23-13 10:29 am
Topic: Sad news
cycle accident death
Category: Social

From what I read, it looks like she was taking the lane so that the cars WOULDN'T pass her in an unsafe area, and the driver still attempted to pass.    Riva Road isn't that long, what made the driver in such a hurry?  I think this is a good example of an incident that we should make a big deal out of in order to educate the public on the legal law.   What can we do as a club to help the family and the rest of the cycling community?
  By: Jeff Hager  WMAR
The accident happened at the peak of a blind hill on the narrow two-lane road with no shoulder, and it's bordered by a 12-foot high dirt embankment.
"It appears the bicyclist was in the travel portion of the road.  This Honda Odyssey was in the rear.  At some point, it attempted to make a pass... potentially an unsafe pass, and that's what investigators are looking have determined,” said Justin Mulcahy of the Anne Arundel County Police, “It looks like this pass did take place and contact was made ultimately leading to this bicyclist being injured and later dying.  It's ongoing at this point, but it appears to be driver error."

Read more: … z2cnVG4Qh5

Jul-17-13 05:10 pm
Website that allows bikers to find lodging or host travelers.
Category: Social

Are you interested in meeting other people?  This is a website that lets you volunteer to let someone sleep on your couch, or help by SAGGING them out from a bike touring trip.  The members seem to be pretty serious, about it being reserved for bike touring visitors, but as a host, all you need to do is to be interested and enjoy bikes.    Checkout the number of  beds available in Europe,  Africa and Asia.   I have hosted and had a wonderful time meeting travelers.  I highly recommend it!

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