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Nov-17-10 01:53 pm
Topic: Calendar
Change in Sequence
Category: Social

But... I've already modified all of my other calendars so that the two weekend days are together. It works better that way. =P

Terry, I'll take a look at it and see if it fits me. I'm 5'10 on low gravity planets or if I've been hanging from the ceiling for an extended period of time. Don't really have a place to put a 4th bike right now, but I'm looking to upgrade housing soon too, so that's a short-term problem.

Now all I need to do is stop shaving and get some hipster jeans.

Jun-23-10 05:30 pm
Tour de montes registration?
Category: Social

Unfortunately Terry Harrigan probably has one he'd like to unload.

Jun-18-10 07:23 pm
Can you ride across it?
Forum: Road Problems

It was open last Saturday (June 12).

I hope to make it - both to the ride start, and then later to the finish.

Mar-30-10 02:24 pm
Nice alternate ot inbox clutter
Category: Social

Yep, I know you can rename them in Google Reader. As for other readers, no clue.

Mar-24-10 01:46 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Feed readers are good for handling information when you're primarily a "consumer", just reading stuff and perhaps occasionally marking something for later use (via the "starring" feature, or note/sharing). They're really not designed for carrying on a dialog. For those situations I come to this forum. The vast majority of the items posted, either here or on  BBCtalk-like mailing list, are read-only for me, and RSS lets me categorize, skim, and dismiss them as quickly as possible. Gmail with folders and filters (or similar implementation in other clients) can also be very effective. I find that I'm reading and deleting - without response - a good 90+% of what comes through on any mailing list, so  the reader approach works well for me. I'm sure as we all make the adjustment to the new forums (some of us with more enthusiasm than others =P) we'll each find our own preferred method of keeping up. Perhaps a Twitter feed?

(Just kidding. Janet's email signatures alone are often 140 characters or more. current/wink )

And +1 for the three foot rule, just to keep this somewhat on topic.

Mar-23-10 11:36 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

One of my proudest accomplishments was the day I rode away from the rest of the group on a route through Western Run, up York Rd, and onto Phoenix or something like that. Rode away in the sense that I was the only one who stayed on Ken's wheel, that is. =P   I'll never be one of those 6% body fat boys. Well, I suppose I could be two or three of 'em, if that counts.

If you like Thunderbird, can't you subscribe to the RSS feed and read and reply in Thunderbird still? I used to handle most of my mailing list stuff that way, via That might require a bit of Joomla magic on Will's part though. I'm reading via the RSS feed in Google reader, replying on site right now.

Mar-23-10 03:06 pm
Is there a way to get a daily digest of ALL subscribed forums?
Category: Social

Got it, done. Thanks!

Mar-23-10 02:48 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Yes, I noticed the same sort of thing in another forum. Something to keep Will occupied and off the bike. current/wink

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