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Sep-02-16 10:56 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

One time on the NCR trail I was approaching A Horse and Rider so I rang my bell. But they did not notice. So every 10 feet I rang again. (I was gaining slowly.) This went on about 5 or 6 times till finally I startled them. I tried doing everything as cautiously as reasonable but it's not always enough. (And they chewed me out (from 30 feet ahead of me) for not ringing my bell before passing when it was just that that startled them. [Heavy sigh.]

May-14-16 03:19 pm
Ride of Silence - Help and Comments
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I'm willing to help out.

Nov-29-15 10:47 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Steve Feldman wrote:

I'm wondering what kind of enforcement measures are planned.   Forgive me if you read some cynicism in here, but we have several (e.g., 3 ft.) laws on the books.  How do you anticipate that this will have any teeth?


The way I picture enforcement will work, is have a video camera running. And then turn in the video into the local police.

Not amazing but something.


Feb-17-15 04:06 pm
BBC Opposition of Protected Bikeways
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I apologize to all in that I have been having computer issues off and on for a while now (not to mention being busy) so I have not been on top of this issue the way I would like.

My first thought is much like when the city purposed 4 round-a-bouts in the city, the common enlightened response was "It looks too much like a solution looking for a problem." - The BBC position on cycle tracks is not much different.

I'll note if opposition to some infrastructure is being considered, let's think about door zone bike lanes, which is made worse by state law for mandatory use. We need to get rid of the law or door zone bike lanes. 4' next to parked cars should be a no go zone for any cyclists traveling 12 mph or grater.

I bring this up because this is what happens when bike lanes are stressed over sharrows (stress for one type of facility over the other) ... Lets get back to "best engineering practices", OK?     


Jul-23-14 07:43 pm
Alcohol contributed to the crash so she WILL face the music.
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Do you have a link to the article?

Feb-12-13 11:54 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Bruce Galanter wrote:

I see no problem having a mandatory law requiring helmets for cyclists.    It couldn't hurt...

I'll note a section in the motorcycle helmet law that is NOT in the bicycle helmet law:

(e) Failure to use required headgear; evidence; civil actions. --

   (1) The failure of an individual to wear protective headgear required under subsection (b) of this section may not:

      (i) Be considered evidence of negligence;

      (ii) Be considered evidence of contributory negligence;

      (iii) Limit liability of a party or an insurer; or

      (iv) Diminish recovery for damages arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or operation of a motorcycle.

So if you are not wearing a helmet you could be found at fault for a crash and be bared from recovering any damages from the motor vehicle operator who would otherwise be at fault.

Isn't Maryland law fun?

Feb-08-13 05:09 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

This is probably a must read for those interested in getting involved: … -bill.html

Feb-04-13 11:35 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Light Street Cycles shared this on Facebook:

Light Street Cycles Response sent to Md legislators: Maryland State office holders:

I have been the owner of Light Street Cycles in Federal Hill for over 20 years. My involvement in biking also includes mountain biking, recreational distance rides, and bike commuting through Baltimore City. I spend a lot of my time both at work and otherwise encouraging people to wear a helmet. Many times I succeed, and sometimes I do not. I have absolutely no doubt that the concerns behind this bill are sincere, and that those of you supporting the bill have the very best of intentions. I also might financially benefit from a bill requiring people to wear a helmet while bicycling in Maryland. I am, however, against HB 339.

Many people who ride their bicycles do so because they have little money for transportation, and some are even homeless. They might not have the money for a helmet, or they might have to work for some time to save for one. These commuters are penalized all the way: they risk their lives on unsafe streets, and they may be fined for not having the gear they cannot afford.

I speak to this from experience. In the early 2000's, a "zero tolerance" crime policy was adopted that caught a lot of good, hardworking people biking to and from work because they were biking either without a front light or on the sidewalk where they could be safely away from car traffic. Courts and judges were backlogged, and people were needlessly ensnared in the criminal justice system. Police even tried to arrest people for biking without a helmet when no such law existed. Minorities and young commuters were targeted the most.

What I mean to say is that, at some point in time, this law will be misused and the poor and powerless will bear the burden of yet more penalties. In the meantime, those police officers who are inclined to use their authority for authority's sake (rather than for the good of the community) will spend their time and tax-payer's money pursuing bicyclists rather than criminals. The irony for those of us in Baltimore City is that there is little done to make the streets actually safer for bicyclists, and a helmet law is not going to do that. Police have often declined to prosecute motorists in accidents with bicycles when the motorist was at fault. (see the cases of Nathan Krasopoler, Jack Yates, and Natasha Pettigrew), and this may give the police more reason to cite bicyclists and ignore the aggressive drivers.

I applaud the well-meaning legislators in their attention to cyclists' safety. I must, however, urge you to please withdraw your support, or urge your colleagues to drop support for HB 339. The cycling community needs your help in so many ways, and cyclists carry so much of a burden as it is, that I am hoping you can channel your good intentions into a different sort of bill. I and the rest of the cycling community are more than willing to offer our ideas.

Thank you,

[end post from Light Street]
P.S. I'll add that maybe when ALL police officers are trained in bicycle law and safety then maybe, just maybe something like this law could be considered.

P.P.S. And note that currently Bike Maryland is neutral on this bill.

Jan-06-12 05:02 pm
Bicycle Accident report card
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy
Oct-25-11 10:16 pm
Contribute to research for Urban Transportation
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

What I am hearing seems to be more of an issue with bus driver training then the bus/bike lane combo (which we already have.) FWIW I have been having issues of the State's Director of Bicycle and Pedestrian Access (Michael Jackson (MJ)) who fills out our Bike Friendly State questionnaire and LAB has been going with his responses hence our ranking of #10 last year. Which boils down to LAB supports Maryland's bus driver training (CDL = Commercial Drivers Licence) and is not asking the State to improve the training. 

The following is LAB's question followed by MJ's response followed by my comments:
* 39. In the state driver's CDL testing and manual are questions and information regarding motorists' rights and responsibilities towards bicyclists included?
? Yes
[] No

Good bus driver training (not in our CDL) [video] (Something a lot better then here is being done!) … 3150341447

Previous discussion on the CDL and Bike Friendly States … 4105516487

I'm sorry but bicyclists are hazards and tap the horn at them is NOT "information regarding motorists' rights and responsibilities towards bicyclists"


So I am curious what you think about LAB supporting our Director of Bicycle and Pedestrian Access who supports our CDL "training" and the BBC supporting LAB with a yearly donation so LAB can say our bus driver training is great for bicyclists?

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