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Jun-08-21 12:57 pm
It is like they downloaded all of our cue sheets and made this list!
Forum: Road Problems

From our friends at Bicycling Advocates of Howard County (BikeHoCo & BAHC) … 1234832662

Upcoming Road Work Patching
June 7 - July 30 2021
This summer many of the most popular cycling roads in Western Howard County will be chip and seal patched by Public Works Highways crews. This process involves putting a layer of gravel over potholes and cracks on road surface, then putting on a binding agent, rolling it flat and finally sweeping and restriping. During the process, which takes about a 7 to 10 days per road depending on weather. Roads will have signs indicating 'Loose Grave'. There will be intermittent road detours and loose gravel on the road and especially shoulder areas during the process. Even after completion there may be shoulder gravel and surface will not be as smooth as a repaved road.

This maintenance starts this week. Below are the road segments scheduled to be patched in order they will be done:
ROAD                    FROM                    TO
Watersville Road    Route 144            West Watersville Road
West Watersville Road    Watersville Road    Old Frederick Road
Camalo Drive            Old Frederick Road    Dead End
Paulownia Hill Court    Camalo Drive            Dead End
Addison Way            Route 144            Dead End
Ed Warfield Road    Daisy Road            Jennings Chapel Road
Florence Road            Ed Warfield Road    Jennings Chapel Road
Duvall Road            Ed Warfield Road    A. E. Mullinix Road
A. E. Mullinix Road    Daisy Road            Route 97
Hipsley Mill Road    Jennings Chapel Rd.    County Line
Annapolis Rock Road    Hipsley Mill Road    Route 97
Jones Road            Hipsley Mill Road    Jennings Chapel Road
Long Corner Road    Route 144            County Line
Penn Shop Road            Long Corner Road    Route 27

Apr-29-21 08:43 pm
Cyclist killed on Paper Mill Road
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I grow weary of the narrative and language that is virtually ALWAYS used and this spokeswoman for the Baltimore Police is very careful to articulate.

From the very first story, continued in this interview, "the bicyclist collided with the front of the car."

You could say the bicyclist rode out from the trail into the road and the car collided with the cyclist.
You could say the NCR trail has a stop sign and it is unclear how and why the cyclist tried to cross the road with oncoming traffic.
You could say that the cyclist who was riding his bike across the road was struck by the vehicle.

But I grow weary of all these cyclists slamming into cars.  The car hit the cyclist.  He may have been in the wrong, but he did not collide with the front of the car.

Apr-28-21 12:27 pm
Cyclist killed on Paper Mill Road
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Perhaps, exactly as said.
Maybe the cyclist didn't look and just rode into the road off the NCR directly into the path of the car who couldn't react in time and paid with his life.

On the other hand, "collided with the front of the vehicle" is a strange way to say that.
Perhaps, he merged safely off the NCR onto the road and then was run over by an inattentive driver looking at their phone.

Guess we need to know a lot more, it is so very sad that someone else has been killed by car on their bicycle regardless of fault.  Praying it isn't any of our BBC friends.

Jul-08-19 11:41 am
Terrible 4.5 mile detour required to get back to Columbia
Forum: Road Problems

Jul-08-19 11:37 am
Terrible 4.5 mile detour required to get back to Columbia
Forum: Road Problems

The long planned tear-down and replacement of the Triadelphia Road bridge beside the Royal Farms traffic circle at Ten Oaks Road in Howard County is now closed to all Eastbound passage for at least a year.  We tried to negotiate with SHA and others for permission to walk bikes across the bridge but there is officially NO PEDESTRIANS per their decision for the duration of the project.

You CAN ride Westbound towards Glenelg, Mt. Airy, Frederick but no return by car, bike, feet, nothing.

A "Warning" for what I saw yesterday.  Some guy coming from church with his family in his min-van clearly went across the bridge the wrong way, not following the detour signs and HoCo's finest was waiting for him.  It looked like she (the officer) was writing a book so I have a feeling it was probably a multiple ticket type situation.

After Chris Tsien and I tried our best to come up with some solution with the SHA and officials, we were comprehensively blown off.  The "detour" is unacceptable for cyclists, a 4-1/2 mile down RT-32, up Rosemary Lane and back up to the schools.  That may only be a ten minute delay by car but up to a 30 minute bike detour including a pretty long and steep climb up Rosemary Ln.

PLEASE NOTE that Google Maps does show the detour for cars BUT it mistakenly does NOT show the detour or the road closure for pedestrians or cyclists.  The SHA has clearly posted NO PEDESTRIANS and that will be true for AT LEAST the first half of the construction, perhaps all the way to fall of NEXT year. 

I had said that cyclists were NOT going to take the detour but would walk their bikes on the tiny little 2-1/2' wide "sidewalk" across the remaining portion of bridge, however, now I realize that if the police are going to stake this crossing out, then even we could get citations.

Yesterday I returned to Columbia by going down Ten Oaks (which has patching road work underway) to RT-108.  You can also go North up to RT-144.

Sep-11-18 01:02 am
Alternatively, need a pair of tray/strap/clamps that fit Thule square bar.
Category: Technical

Hello BBC Folks.
I'm in need of a set 5-6 of the L-Clamps for the Thule Big Mouth 599 XT racks.  I suppose if you can spare them you probably have the whole things and aren't using them but I do have the whole thing except for 5 of 6 of these.  If you have a pair of other unused tray/strap/clamps that fit a traditional square bar, let me know too.
Thanks, Stuart Four -one- Oh, seven oh 7, zero six 5 9

Or, if you have a pair of trays buried in your garage you aren't using...

Aug-19-18 09:56 am
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Well, both.  I run a Fly6 on back for legal reasons but also downloaded the daily video on my big events (Europe last month) for the rear view (only 720p).  Sometimes you can read the license number, you always have to edit and grab one or two frames at the moment it is close enough and there has to be enough light.  The new Fly6 is 1080p so better.  There is a Fly12 front camera/light that is said to be much clearer for getting the plates.  These cameras "auto-save" the preceding video if the camera (bike) tips over more than 30% for 30 seconds.  My wife knows to tell the police to get the microSD card out to see who killed me.

I've used GoPro(s) on each of our Europe trips, usually one under my handlebars on wide view and with an extended battery, and another on top of my helmet on narrow view (which is annoying but easy to turn on/off) for the POV and I can point it.  So those are for enjoyment but frankly, have have 200gb of video from the trips and no time or talent to edit it into anything that anyone would want to watch.

This year's trip I took a bike where I had to use a clamp on mount on the stem and it wasn't good. It shook all over instead of the stability of the GoPro clip mount under my Cinelli Ram bars in 2016 which was much better.

the GoPro is much better picture quality and you could also choose 60fps for a better chance of getting a good "frame" for a pic of a plate but the battery doesn't last long enough and it is all manual download each time, etc.

Examples of each.  The Aubisque was mounted in 2016, the Grosslockner final descent (totally nuts) was the cantilevered clamp mount which leaves a lot to be desired but the scenery is spectacular both in the Pyrenees, Alps, Dolomites and Tyrols.  Third one is a Fly6 this year coming down the Gavia.

Jul-16-18 04:50 pm
An initial summary of the Glenelg Gang's third trip to Europe
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Not sure why those video links didn't work,
These seem to work even if not signed into YouTube/Gmail/WorldRulers

Jul-16-18 03:29 pm
An initial summary of the Glenelg Gang's third trip to Europe
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Everyone is home safe.  My bottom line: 404 miles, 54,702 feet of climbing, or ten and a third miles vertical. Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria visited.  These numbers are pretty much identical to the last two ETT trips in distance and climbing.  The East side climb of the Fedia is a challenger to the Mortirollo as way too steep for way too long and Grossglockner was simply laid out with 11-12% as the normal road grade which became unrelenting and exhausting after six hours.

Many will want to embellish, a lot was posted on Facebook including thousands of pictures and some great videos.  Phil posted a public folder with all of his pics: 

Eurotrash 2018
403 new photos ยท Album by Phil Feldman … pXNTF3NDBB

Six of our own regular riding group, one temporarily relocated member and one BBC and past GG member plus two invited infidels successfully completed a third trip to Europe to climb old favorites and visit new and steep places.  The gang was headed by Ricardo Gonzalez (currently residing in Spain for another year)  who was our incredible trip planner once again.  He found us fantastic accommodations, an amazing set of rides with full cues and files provided and considered all logistics and accounting for a smooth and enjoyable sufferfest.

Joining from the Glenelg Gang was Josh Meyers, Roger Eastman. Mark Fewerda, Mike Craig, Kirill Sherman and Stuart Lamb.  Past ganger Phil Feldman came for the second consecutive trip.  An acquaintance of Ricardo's and others from past Seagull Century trips, Erven Taylor joined from Philly and Mike Mougan, another US Ex-Pat currently stationed for his company in Spain where he rides with Ricardo came up as well.

Roger joined us after the Alps coming from spending time with his wife prior to and at the beginning of our trip.
Phil left us for the Dolomites part of the trip traveling light with backpack and his bike only to Zurich where he made a speech at the University for his company and attended a nerd-geek conference.  He met us when we arrived in Austria to finish the trip.
Mike Mougan ripped up the mountains, tore off Josh's legs and did battle with Phil for top dog rights.  Those three were in a class by themselves, the AutoBus followed far behind each day.  Mike M. returned "home" after the Dolomites so he could take his family on vacation back to the same area for hiking (rough life).

The first four rides were close to duplicates of our rides in the Alps from 2013.  Playing the hits.  The next group were our first trip to the totally stunning and beautiful (and steep) Dolomites and we finished with a couple of rides in Austria including conquering the entire Grossglockner from Kaprun to the Glacier and back, epic in every way.

Ride 1: Stelvio Up & Back from Bormio 27.6 mi / 5,546 ft
Ride 2: Umbriall/Stelvio Double 63.5 mi / 10,509 ft
Ride 3: Cancano Lake 30.1 mi / 3,671 ft
Ride 4: Gavia Up & Back from Bormio 32.2 mi / 4,828 ft
Ride 5: Dolomite Rain Ride Campolongo-Pordoi-Selle-Gardena 35.5 mi / 3,738 ft
Ride 6: Valparola-Giau-Campolongo 38.1 mi / 5,049 ft
Ride 7: Campolongo-Fedia-Pordoi-Campolongo 53.2 mi / 7,431 ft
Ride 8: Kaprun-Strasse Pass-Thurn-Kitzbuhel-SAG  53.6 mi / 3,031 ft
Ride 9: Kaprun-Grossglockner-Kaprun 70.25 mi / 10,699 ft.

I recorded 176 GB of video on two GoPro and one Fly 6 cameras for much of the rides and some from our transfer days.  I've only uploaded a couple of files while over there (limited time and slow internet) and they are unedited.  However, the final descent of the Grossglockner was one for the ages (or hospital).

Descending the Grossglockner … 84Dkv9RPx8

Pordoi Dolomites Descent in the Rain/Cold-Epic Bombing … My440tZQYE

Rear View Middle Part of Descent of Gavia into Rain at End … XNV-47Q150

There were two very significant issues on the trip.  Mike Craig's suitcase (not his bike) was lost by British Airways (becoming a common theme on these trips), was found later, then was flown from Munich to Milan where it was lost, then found, then typical Italian paperwork and delays and eventually was delivered by courier after we got to the Dolomites.  The second issue happened after our first ride in the Dolomites when I slipped on wet tile in the hotel lobby with my bike cleat slipping like on ice.  I do not remember the fall, was knocked out and had some significant initial neurological issues as my brain "re-booted" but continued with the trip and will go get evaluated now that I'm back.  A shame I'd already removed my helmet.

There were a lot of planes, trains, automobiles, buses, rental cars and vans.  There was a lot of great food.  We consumed some good and also some pretty boring booze.  We rotated roomates so folks got to experience some world-class exhausted snoring and even talking in sleep all around.
__o _
  \ <_

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