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Jan-24-18 09:13 am
Viewing Friday and Services Saturday Listed
Category: Social

Bill Kelly lost his long battle with cancer on Monday January 22nd.
(From Jack Guarneri - Pres. @BAHC)
Bill Kelly was a retired (for past 25 years) Washington DC Fire Department Captain with 27 years of Public Safety Experience and had been riding bicycles for over 70 years. He was a bicycle commuter for most of his days as a firefighter -  traveling from College Park to his DC fire station before it was common - or very safe.

Bill lived in Ellicott City with his wife of 51 years Sue,  four of their grown children, and ten grandkids (who all ride bikes). He loved to travel and traveled often to Ireland from the time his children were young; he had just visited  China in 2017 to see the Great Wall.

Bill had a passion to advocate and encourage more people to ride bikes by making the roads safer. Bill helped establish/lead the College Park Area Bicycle Coalition in 1988 – one of the oldest bicycle advocacy organizations in Maryland, he was also an original Board member of One Less Car now Bike Maryland and helped organize their annual Bicycle Symposium in Annapolis. He helped found Bike HoCo in 2008 and was instrumental in every everything we've been able to accomplish over the past 10 years. We will miss his wisdom, humor, and counsel.

Bill Kelly Services
Services for William Joseph Kelly

Viewing for Friends and Family:
on Friday Jan 26th
From 2-4pm and 7-9pm at
Witzke Funeral Home
4112 Old Columbia Pike,
Ellicott City, MD 21043

Funeral Mass:
on Saturday Jan. 27 at 10am
St. Alphonsis Rodriguez Catholic Church
10800 Old Court Rd,
Woodstock, MD 21163

Celebration of Life at:
St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Church Hall
(Church Lower Level)
Immediately following Burial

For Donations to Bill's Charity
HEROES, Inc.® is dedicated to aid families of law enforcement officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Jun-08-17 10:56 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Volunteers

Just a note.  Phil Feldman and I have gone out early in past years to paint potholes and hazards to try to make it safe for the 1500 following us.

I've got a wedding in Lake Como, Italy this year on the 13th so will miss the ride.  If someone wants to step up, it is a lot of fun heading out with paint supplied by organizers and trying to beat at least 1000 of the 1500 around the course making it a better trip for all.  Note: *you need to pay attention to the downhill sections like coming off the Ritchey climb.  It is tempting to just bomb it but those road issues in the light/dark shade/sun late in the day can be invisible to those in dark sunglasses so help is good.

Apr-14-17 08:59 pm
Unbelievably, Heather Cook is up for Parole for killing Tom Palermo
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

If you can take a moment, actually write a letter and mail it, this is one of those times when it might really matter.  What this woman did, triple the legal drunk limit at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon, texting while she plowed into and killed a wonderful father is inexcusable.  Getting parole after a few months is just wrong.  She plead to avoid spending the rest of her life in jail.  A few months isn't enough.

Mar-24-17 11:01 am
Very low miles, excellent first or second performance bike for taller riders
Category: Technical

I purchased this bike in Austin a year ago from a guy who moved there from California.  It has VERY low miles on it, I only put a couple of hundred on it while visiting out there.  It is solid, reliable and I got a great deal on it which I'm passing on, about half of retail for a basically new bike.

For many of us, this could be perceived as an entry level bike being under $2500 new and with Shimano 105 triple, but frankly, I found it to be a solid ride for Texas rough roads and it let me easily explore far and wide in Hill Country outside of Austin.

20+ pictures at the CraigsList ad:

Great starter kit includes pedals and size 10, 10-1/2 shoes with cleats for $1000 flat-firm.  I just drove a car back from Austin so I brought it with me to sell here.  I'm just going to take my Ritchey Break-Away travel bike in the future.  Don't need this sitting down there unused 99.9% of the year.

A group of Howard County riders have decided to do a 2pm, 50's temp, cloudy ride putting together parts of the 3-4 routes we regularly ride for our evening Glenelg Gang rides.  It has been dubbed Triple Crown.  We are planning to do a 40 mile version, there is a 50 mile version at if you'd like to print a cue or get a tcx file.

We plan on riding below normal pace, regrouping as needed for those riding at 15'ish instead of 16.  Slower folks are welcome to join but create your own group/ride.  No sweep.  Call me if you need help and we'll send someone for you if you can't get a SAG from a spouse.

Jan-19-17 09:52 am
Paid nearly $1000 for this system. Moving and getting rid of it.
Category: Technical

Hi Charlie,
I sold my other car and now need something like this for my tandem.  Can I pick it up today from you?  Thank You.

Dec-05-16 09:38 am
What's the date for the Civil War Century in 2017?
Category: Social

Hi Doug,
I don't see anywhere it has been announced yet but I'd be 99% sure and willing to bet it is Saturday, September 9th.  The end of year "century schedules" have been set for years between all of the clubs with their slots.

Hi Steve,
I'm still using these old versions of the DiNotte as well as the new/flat battery pack one for a headlight.  Would love to get your stuff to keep my old ones working.  Stuart  I'll email you and we can connect up.

Sep-29-16 10:41 am
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Click on "Search" in the Forums.
Click on "Advanced Search"
Type in colnagotifosi for author
Type in fitting as a keyword

There are several threads there where I've made several recommendations for how to start with Sheldon White and and the local shops that have professional fitters.  There are MANY more, I've not had it done but I know that getting your fit dialed in and being on the correct sized bike is critical to enjoying the sport.

Sep-20-16 10:02 am
Category: Social

I'm with Jeff, if this guy was signed up, had on identification as a paid participant, I really cannot believe his story.  I know those folks had been working at Gapland for a long time by the time he got there but shunning him and serving hikers just sounds so unbelievable so some facts seem to be missing.

Anything can happen with SAG so unsure of that, but the rest stop?  I think not.

None of this has ever been any of my experiences (or probably anyone else).

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