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Apr-02-10 11:25 am
Brazen & Personal Theft
Category: Social

From: Joel Steen
Sender: route1velo@yahoogro
To: route1velo route1velo
Subject: [route1velo] Stolen 09 Team Tarmac Pro
Sent: Apr 1, 2010 5:42 AM

Hi all,
I was selling my bike from last year on Craigs List. It was stolen yesterday evening by the first person who responded to the Craig's List ad. A guy going by Max Langley. I was giving him a chance to take an extended test ride ... he wanted to try out a hill climb. I met him, shook his hand and we set off on the ride together to Murray Hill Rd between Laurel and Columbia. But when I went down the hill, I guess he turned around and split. When I turned around at the bottom he and the bike were gone. At first I was worried he had crashed on the hill and rode up/down/up again to check. He claimed to live in New Carrollton and meet me at the MARC station in Laurel. He is a white guy about 5'10", probably 140lbs (biker skinny), maybe 25 years old, black hair and a full but trimmed beard. He has quite a nasty scar on his right forearm down near the elbow (previous crash or surgery). He used Look pedals and Nike shoes, was wearing an old grey USPS kit and I think had a Giro helmet. If you happen to recognize the description or see a Tarmac Pro looking like this around please let me know. I filed a Police report, but don't have much hope. Later, Joel

------ End of Forwarded Message

Apr-02-10 10:24 am
Unidentified noise
Category: Technical

Problem found, not solved.  Colnago C40 frame cracked due to minor crash!
So, I won't bore you again with the details for those that didn't see my post to BBCTalk before it shut down but I REALLY do appreciate ALL of the responses and ideas.  My beloved C40 with a special Mapei WC paint job started making a horrible noise from the crank/bb area last year after I had a minor crash.  I had overcooked a corner on a Glenelg Gang ride and rode it into a rural asphalt curb, scraping the crank arm and doing a "harmless" tumble on the soft grass.  I straightened out the bars & shifters and completed the ride and rode it many hundreds of more miles last season.  After months of the noise coming and going, replacing cleats, shoes, pedals, crank arms, complete cranks and finally bottom bracket it was still there. 
Wednesday I took apart seat post, replaced the seat, took apart bars, stem, headset and removed the fork examining everything and cleaning up before reassembling and relubing the headset.  Noise still there last night.  So at the end of the ride, Bruce and I examined the bottom bracket area closely and with me applying a horrible amount of lateral stress (flexing the crank arm at a 45 degree angle, deflecting it an inch) I began to further crack the white paint at the bottom of the seat tube where it goes into the BB carbon lug, where the vertical lug joins the chainstay lug and perhaps in the “web” between the chainstays just in front of the rear wheel.
Thanks to Ed C. and Charlie for the heads up on potentially getting Calfee to do repairs on it.  I might investigate it but with 20,000+ miles on it, I might just strip it to the frame, wax it and hang it on the wall as Mapei artwork.  It is a shame, was a favorite bike, but I got my money’s worth out of it!

Apr-02-10 10:04 am
Want to Buy - 52 cm Road Bike
Category: Technical

Gary, before you assume a size, I HIGHLY recommend either getting a professional fitting ($200'ish at Lutherville) or at a minimum taking ALL of her measurments per the instructions at the website where they have an EXCELLENT fit calculator.  In my experience getting a proper fit, dialed in, has so much to do with cycling that it can be the difference between really enjoying it and just being a casual rider.

BTW, they aren't kidding... follow ALL of the measuring instructions exactly (sock feet, 1" book binding, etc.) and take each measurment three times and average the results before you plug in each piece of the 9 part (I think) puzzle.  Good luck.

Mar-31-10 12:38 pm
Cost and Restrictions by Airline on Travel With a Bike
Category: Technical

Very interesting and current article if you are considering traveling with a bicycle via domestic airline. … +for+Bikes

Of course, I added my lengthy comment at the end!

Have Bike, Will Travel :: A Guide to Airline Fees and Policies for Bikes


_ \ <_

I'm sorry that your volunteerisim (sp?) was clearly slapped down so violently.  What we need are MORE people agreeing to "lead" rides or post ride "meet-ups" not discouraging it.  I almost don't want to ask this but it seems to me that a whole lot of us have used BBCTalk and other list-serves to post "unofficial" or "impromptu" rides when we are going out for a ride and sometimes other's may want join for company.

Have we reached the point where any ride posted on the ride schedule has to become "official" with all the pomp and circumstance with a sign-in sheet?  Are we still OK if a ride is just posted in the forum and not put on the schedule?  Seems we are at odds with the purpose and goals of our "community."  What do we call ten lawyers at.....a good start.


Mar-23-10 02:06 pm
Is there a way to get a daily digest of ALL subscribed forums?
Category: Social

OK, OK, I know, I should have moved over here earlier! I just went to each forum and subscribed to each (don't want to miss anything) but am now living in abject fear of many, many emails each day instead of my old choice of ONE overnight summary and I could decide if I wanted to read one, or log into "Talk" and read everything.

So Will, is it possible with this template or by programming to allow each user to not only subscribe to the forums they desire to see postings in (or perhaps subscribe to a single unified "All" forum) and ALSO to be able to select a single, once-per-day, summary of what has been posted to make BBC only one email per day (like a prompt) instead of potentially getting tens of emails clogging up our inboxes?

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