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The 2020 Delaware-Maryland Flatlands Tour, originally planned for Saturday June 20, 2020, has been CANCELED.

Jan-16-18 12:49 pm
Category: Social


Most of the pancake rides are scheduled and led by Gloria Epstein.  Please contact her at for more information.

Lately, Gloria has not been posting the pancake rides until within a week or so of the ride date, due to unpredictable weather.  Please check the BBC Rides & Events Calendar each week for the ride postings.

Aug-08-17 10:55 pm
National Park Service Raising Price of Senior Pass 8/21/17
Category: Social

The price increase for the Senior Pass goes into effect on August 28, 2017 (not August 21).

Jim, here's another USB-rechargeable bicycle taillight that was recommended by a local bike shop.  It's got a flexible rubber strap that allows it to be mounted on either a seat post or any shape seatstay.


Jun-15-14 10:46 pm
Need to default forum post time to local not GMT time
Category: Social


The new web site has a user setting for time zone. Do the following:
1. Log into the web site with your username and password.
2. Click the "User Details" link in the blue box on the left side of the page.
3. Click "Edit Profile".
4. Set the time zone to "America/New York" (i.e., Eastern time).
5. Click "Submit"

Once you've done this, your posts should appear with the Eastern time zone time shown when you view them on the BBC web site.


Jun-10-14 10:13 am
Question about "Add a ride" page on new BBC web site
Category: Social

On the new (6/9/2014) BBC web site, the "Add a ride" page of the Rides & Events Calendar contains a new field labeled "Tcx url".
What does "Tcx" stand for?
What is this field supposed to be used for?
Can it be provided with a label whose meaning is more obvious?

The 13-15mph 31-mile Halloween Ride is also CANCELED due to windy conditions and possible rain.

Ken Philhower

Once a repeating ride has been entered on the calendar, the web site will not let you edit the date or recurrence information.

You can still edit most of the normal ride information other than the date (i.e., start location, distance, ride leader name, email, phone, etc.).  If you edit any of the normal ride information, it will automatically make the changes to all the rides in the repeating series.  You can also delete individual rides in the series.

If a repeating ride has been entered with either the wrong date or the wrong recurrence information (as Mark's ride has), it appears that the only easy way to correct it is to delete the entire series and start over with a new entry.

Feb-19-12 10:44 am
I would like to add queue sheets to the queue library. What is the pr
Category: Social


It's pretty simple.
1. Log into the BBC web site with your username and password.
2. In the "Member Menu" at the left side of the page, click "Cue Library".
3. Scroll down and read the instructions at the bottom of the page.
4. Click the "Submit" icon in the middle of the page.
5. Fill in the form as instructed.


The 13-15mph Halloween Ride Sunday 10/30 is canceled due to wet roads, near-freezing temperatures (both air and ground temperatures), and the possibility of patches of ice and wet leaves.
Ken Philhower

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