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I might, but I'll have to find the time to drive the route first.  I rode it by myself on July 31 and ran into three fresh tar-and-chip sections and later a road closure.  I should have driven the route before posting the ride.

The weather forecast has changed dramatically since I posted this ride yesterday. predicts a 90 percent chance of rain in Greencastle Saturday, 100 percent in Spring Run.  I can't wait until the end of the week to cancel because, if I lead this ride, I'll have to make arrangements for my dog.

Old Forge Road is now open again.

Old Forge Road, between South Mountain Road and Mentzer Gap Road, will be closed to through traffic beginning June 5 for bridge replacement.  Unfortunately, there are no good detours around the construction.  Rides affected by the closure include the South Mountain ride on the Greencastle Great Escape, the latest version of the Red Rum ride, and, depending on how long the project takes, the Caledonia ride on the Washington County Getaway.

Jul-23-16 02:31 pm
will soon be legal in PA
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In-the-ground traffic light sensors are induction loops, not as many think, weight sensitive.

Actually, the older sensors I believe were weight-sensitive.  To be detected, you had to run a wheel over a treadle embedded in the road.  I haven't seen one in several years, so I supposed they were all eventually replaced by induction loops.  Regardless, in my experience, neither could detect bicycles, even ones with steel frames.

And if I remember correctly, Maryland law already allows one to do what Pa is now adopting.

I'm pretty sure Maryland law didn't allow that when I moved out of the state three years ago.  If it did, none of the people I rode with was aware of it.  Here's a link that lists the "safe-on-red" states as of one year ago:  States where motorcycles can run red lights legally

Jul-23-16 10:50 am
will soon be legal in PA
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For years one of my pet peeves as a cyclist has been traffic lights with sensors that trigger a green light only when they detect a vehicle waiting to cross.  Bicycles don't have enough weight or enough metal to trigger these sensors, and since I don't like to break traffic laws when motorists can see me (I don't want to give them an excuse to break laws that protect cyclists), I usually have to wait until a car or truck comes along to cause the light to change to green.

Now, here in the enlightened Keystone State, I won't have to do that anymore.  On September 18 a new law will take effect that "allows drivers to proceed through red lights if the light has a sensor that appears to be malfunctioning":
New law: Pa. drivers can run red lights — under certain circumstances

That should take care of that pesky light where Granite Station Road crosses U.S. 30!  Now all we need is for you folks south of the Mason-Dixon line to start bugging your legislators.


This is a reminder to anyone who might be planning to drive up to Greencastle to join us for one of the Greencastle Great Escape rides.  The Sunday start time has been moved from 9 a.m. to 8 a.m.  This will allow riders more time to get back to Baltimore after the ride.
Also:  if anyone is planning to drive up for the day to ride The Grandmother of All Rides, let me know in advance so I can print up a cue sheet for you.  Due to a couple store closings and a general lack of interest, The Grandmother is no longer a featured option of the Great Escape, but a cue sheet will be provided to anyone who really wants to ride it.

Phil Manger

Those of you on your way to the Lancaster metric century or the weekend in Lancaster better read this: … ve-driving

Dec-17-14 09:13 pm
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Here's a story and accompanying video that'll make your blood crawl -- not so much the story itself or what it describes, but some of the comments beneath it: … o-youtube/

Jun-03-14 06:35 am
Milling on Ridge Rd outside Hampstead
Forum: Road Problems

Late Monday, the right lane coming from Blackrock Rd had been paved.
Maybe the left lane will be paved today or Wednesday.


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