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Jul-30-17 09:20 am
Velodrome in SC
Category: Social

My hometown, Rock Hill, SC (pop. 70,000) took an old textile industrial site and built a velodrome on it in 2012. Then later, added mountain bike trail. Then added a BMX race course, and finally added a 1.1 mile road race course.

To my utter surprise, the velodrome and the entire cycling facility has been a huge success.

Rock Hill Giordano Velodrome … -velodrome

The initial investment for the velodrome was between $1-2 million dollars with most of the money coming from the local government. When this idea was first proposed, everyone had to tell me about it, since they knew that I get the majority of my endorphins these days by riding a road bike.

But in fact, when I heard about the velodrome, I cringed.  Of all the misplaced, niche sport ideas, this one was really ”out there”. For locals who already had issues with people riding on the surrounding county roads, an expensive, white elephant velodrome park would only put cyclists in a worse position.

The city of Rock Hill, just 20 miles from south Charlotte (NC), has found that “sports tourism” can be a very good economic engine.  The City built several large softball facilities with multiple fields each in the early 1980’s. There are tournaments on these fields nearly every weekend for 8-9 months a year. These tournaments pull in a substantial number of people that fill up the local hotels, and provide a lot of customers for local restaurants. With the success of the softball fields, the city built a considerable number of soccer fields in the 1990’s. These soccer fields are now in constant use year round also.

Softball fields in the South?
Makes sense.
Soccer fields?
The numbers are with you.
But cycling?
On a track?

Rock Hill is just a 1 hour drive from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord (NC) where every NASCAR team worth its salt has a garage, and every driver has a house.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, Rock Hill was a basketball town in the heart of the Atlantic Coast Conference. For the past 30 or more years, Rock Hill has been football town that produces a disproportionate number of players (per capita) who make it to the NFL.

NYTimes … -rise.html

As I said, to my utter surprise, the velodrome and the entire cycling facility has been a huge success. The US Masters Track Nationals were held there recently in June. This past weekend, the BMX World Championships were held at the facility. Many other championship events have been held there.

There are many opportunities for locals to use the all the facilities which is an important point for ongoing local support.

It’s all worked well.
I’m amazed.

A few You Tube links…….

Locals Race Nights

Apr-13-17 02:22 pm
Sidi Genius 5 Men's Size 46 Road Shoes
Category: Technical

Sidi Genius 5 Men's Size 46 Road Shoes

Worn about 10 times.
Turns out, i needed the "Mega" with the wider toe box.


Please contact me directly.

Robert Beaty

Oct-15-16 07:05 pm
Robin Williams Bikes at Auction
Category: Technical

Comedian and Actor Robin Williams turned to cycling when he could not run as many miles as he did when he was younger. Williams was known to have a considerable collection of bikes.

Now listed for auction at the following web site is a collection of 87 of Williams' bikes for sale.......

Even if you don't intend to bid, it's kind of fun to look.

Sep-04-16 09:38 pm
Bike Batman
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Greetings All,

There is a fun article in Outside magazine that details the adventures of "Bike Batman" -- a guy who helps find stolen bikes.............. … ike-batman

....which nicely compliments the article of a few years ago about what happens to stolen bikes...... … ide?page=1


Aug-27-16 06:57 am
Woman in the Silver Mercedes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

From the Charlotte Observer...........I agree, ....who flips people off with palms facing outward?......... … 68002.html


Jul-22-16 06:57 am
Cyclist Killed by Drunk Driver
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

A mainstay of cycling around Statesville, NC was killed by a drunk driver all too familiar story....... … ver_415562

In addition to owning a bike shop, Jeff Archer, 52, was a collector who founded and ran the Museum of Mountain Bike Art and Technology.......a cool shop to visit on my trips to see my family in SC......

A lot of bike history can be found on the MOMBAT site.


Jul-03-16 09:22 am
Sidi Genius Size 46 Road Shoes For Sale
Category: Technical

Sidi Genius Road Shoes
Size 46
Standard width

I bought these shoes and used them 10-12 times.
Turns out I needed the "Mega" with the wider toe box.
You can try them before you buy them.

If interested, please contact me through my personal email........


After racing until after 5pm Sunday, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson finished this year's Assault on Mt Mitchell on Monday (6:30am start time) in an admirable 6:19:34 along with his bud George Hincapie at 6:19:35.

That's real riding.
Particularly since Johnson is 41.

I would also point out the 6 guys over 50 in the top 20 (!).
Really impressive.

Results..... … ll/results


Mar-01-16 07:57 am
Endurance and Fatigue and RAAM

There have been a number of studies in the past few years that challenge the limits of one's body.
Is fatigue in the body or in the mind?

The recent insight is that one's mind sends fatigue signals to the body as a protective mechanism when in fact, you have reserves to keep going. But we all know that ignoring these signs could be dangerous.

This topic was covered in last week's NPR show Radiolab...........

The segment starts by talking with Julie Moss who had a bonk for the ages at one of the earliest Ironman races.
Her epic finish is credited with giving triathlons a huge boost in the early days. 
The triumph of the human spirit.
(I didn't know she had done this race on something of a lark).

If you have never seen the video of her collapse, it may be worth watching.........

The Radiolab program then covers some of the science of fatigue, and then explores RAAM, including 5 time RAAM winner Jure Robic who later lost his life on a training ride crash with a car.

Worth a listen.

Oregon Ridge -- Saturday 9am
All Pace Long
Manchester Loop


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