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I think it is unfair and perhaps wrong to blame OpenOffice for your Windows 7 based computers crash and to give a a global tag of lack of reliability due to a problem that only occurred in Windows 7.

OpenOffice is a sound product as you note.  You didn't have these problems with earlier versions of Windows.

Only a very small percentage of computer users are using Windows 7.  I'm still using XP with all the most current updates and patches because I see no reason to change.  I certainly wouldn't change MS operating systems within the first year of release unless I absolutely had to do so.

From what I've read, OpenOffice was tested widely in beta versions of Windows 7 without problems.

History tells us that in most new versions of Windows, Microsoft makes code changes that they don't fully reveal to independent software creators that result in numerous stable products become stable.  That isn't a flaw in the software, but a flaw in the OS.

There is some problem related to the loading of Java that is causing some problems with OO installation, but there is information on the web about how to solve this.  I didn't read it in any detail because I don't have W7.  But from what I did read, it is also likely that the folks at OO can solve this rather quickly and issue an revised OO installation that deals with the Java installation.

More importantly, MS has a history of purposefully putting code into their OS and software that will trip up the products of major rival software.  Remember the lawsuits they've lost both in the US and the EU.  Maybe it has happened again with regard to OpenOffice.

There have also been some issues with MS wanting to use its own version of Java in the past, but I've forgotten the details of that.

Alternatively, perhaps it is just an inadvertent bug - new MS operating systems are usually full of these for years.  No reason to think that Windows 7 is free of this problem.

In short, OO isn't unstable because there are problems in the early days of Windows 7's existence.


That pdf files can't be easily edited is not a reason for eliminating their use.

As has been discussed, they are the most easily accessible format for the most people.

Second, this notion that there should be only one format is lacking in merit in this day and age when so many people deal with multiple file formats on a daily basis.  It sets up a useless dichotomy of "one good / one bad."

Third, it takes less than a minute to convert a small file like a cue sheet from a spreadsheet into a pdf file.  I can do it either from within OpenOffice via an export function or by using PrimoPDF as a surrogate printer.  Stuart says a similar function is now in Adobe.  Anyone, with the computer literacy to create a cue sheet or edit an existing one can easily learn how to make a pdf file.   

So, the fact that routes need to edited once a year (less often is probably more the norm) hardly means that pdf files are not a good format.   Two people who have posted in this thread as being major advocates of pdf format cue sheets,  Stuart and Steve, create many cue sheets and edit them with some frequency for reasons ranging from dealing with different local conditions such as road construction, to just wanting to not ride the exact route again, to shortening a ride due to weather.   

It is just so simple to post both a spreadsheet (.xls) version and a .pdf version of a cue, that creating this idea that there has to be just one format and then getting into arguing that one is really good and the other is really bad bears little, if any, merit.   If someone doesn't know how to do it, there are plenty of people in the forum who could teach them or do it for them and email it back.

I work in OpenOffice, as noted before.  For any cue I create, I first create an OpenOffice (.ods.) format file, then save a MS Office format file (.xls) and finally create an Adobe .pdf format file.  It just isn't a big deal to make the 2nd and 3rd files - and certainly not when compared to the time and focus on detail that goes into creating and double/triple checking a cue sheet.



I disagree.  It is true that Carl's sentence can be interpreted 2 ways.  However, as explained below, I'm rather sure that the issue is what I discussed before - that Carl wants to view a .doc format cue sheet with his Microsoft Works program and that isn't going to happen.

First, Carl has an old computer.  He has mentioned this many times in posts.

Carl is very unlikely to writing about the problem you interpret his sentence as raising.  The issue is not whether there are works format files in the library because we know these are not there - particularly for the ride about which Carl writes - it only has .pdf and .doc versions available.  I've never seen a .wrk format for any other ride either.   I've looked at virtually every ride that Carl has mentioned riding in the last 12 months as I like to ride with Carl and check to see the start, distance, etc., when he posts about doing a ride.  I've also looked at many other rides that are posted for 15-17 and 18+ rides - never seen a .wrk file.

So, I see no reason to interpret Carl's sentence to describe a problem that doesn't exist for the ride in question, and probably not for any other ride, when there is a very plausible alternate interpretation that fits Carl's computer situation.

To me, Carl's sentence means that he has downloaded one or both of the cue sheets for this ride (.doc & .pdf formats)  cannot open and view either of these files usng Microsoft Works - the only program that would require him to use a file in the Works format. 

Microsoft purposefully made Works unable to open Word .doc files so that people would have to buy Word or Office to read these files. 

If Carl had Office, Word,  or a compatible program, he could open and view the .doc files in the cue library and, if any Works format files were there, he'd be able to open those also.

I've sent him a .rtf (Rich Text Format) file I converted from the .doc file and a .pdf I made from that - both done using OpenOffice.  He might be able to open the .rtf file in Works - I don't have it on my computer to try, but that is about the complexity level of Works.  The pdf file made with OpenOffice is just over 100k, much smaller than the 700k plus pdf file in the cue library.



The cue that you want is also available for download from the Cue Library in the an Adobe pdf format file.  If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is a free download from

In addition, OpenOffice, a full function program suite is a free download from  It will open all .doc & .xls files, as well as many other formats and thus allow you to read and print those files.

I use this suite for my word processing, speadsheet, database, & slideshow needs.  It "looks & feels" very much like the MS Office products so using it is rather easy from the beginning.

With Adobe and OpenOffice you can open, read, alter (if needed), and print virtually any cue sheet you'll find on sources like the BBC Cue Library.

Open Office will not save the .doc version of the cue you want into a Works format file, but it will save it into a .rtf file (Rich Text Format), and I think that Works will open this.  I've done that and can send it to you.  However I think the better option is to simply get OpenOffice and use it.



He means Microsoft Works.  Works was/is a package with limited feature word processing, spreadsheet, etc. programs that often comes free with Windows equipped PC's.  They'd give you a trial version of MS Office.   In the past, one could open a Office level file into Word, Excel, etc., and then use "save as" and select a Works format from the file format/extension drop down menu below the one for the file name.

Not sure about whether the current Office products will save a Works format file as I use OpenOffice.


May-11-10 12:47 am
insights about a wheel coming out of true?
Category: Technical

I agree with Isaias.  I would not accept a 2nd retruing of the wheel, and push hard for a new one.  After quite a few miles with the wheel not properly trued, and the failed 1st retruing, I would worry that the rim has been weakened and cannot be restored by retruing to give you the life that the wheel should have given you if it had been properly trued in the first place.  Tell the shop that you've asked for advice on two bike lists and been told that you need a new wheel.  The manufacturer should stand behind their product and just accept that this is a flawed wheel - whether if is a bad rim or a bad build.  Mistakes get through quality control every once in a while.

Factory built or hand built, this is very rare.   Even just adequately built wheels will take a lot of abuse without failing like this. 

I've never had a wheel do anything like this and I would guess I've ridden as many, if not more total miles than Isaias, but over a much longer time period (8k+ miles being my longest year, no others over about 5600 miles).  [I'm older than he is. :<)]

Keep us posted.

Good luck,


May-06-10 02:06 pm
Newbie Question
Category: Technical

I didn't see anything about the a Synapse EA70 model on the Cannondale website either, but there are many models called Synapse.

Go to    and do  search for synapse    That will show you models back through 08.  Then go into the archives.  (Choose the bike drop down and archived is the last line.)  In the archives you'll find numerous synapse models (and frames some years) back through 2006.

Why are you calling it an EA70 model? Where is that on the bike?  What words & numbers are actually on the frame?  Where is EA70 located?  I didn't see an EA 70 model among the many Synapse models on the website, so maybe that isn't the model name.



Apr-11-10 10:32 pm
Support the bill
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

By not posting it you prevent someone who wants to leave Marley later or earlier from using it - depriving them of the intended purpose of your effort - a simpler cue sheet.

Someone might be late because they get caught in traffic or something like that.   Or know they can ride faster than the calculated averages, or . . . well there are lots of reasons people may want to ride from Marley earlier or later.

It is simple to post - so why not?


Apr-10-10 09:57 am
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style


"IMHO, one's safety is wholly one's own responsibility. Just because I have folks pointing out hazards in the road doesn't mean that I trust that communications completely. I still look up the road for hazards. I still keep my ears and eyes wide open for danger. "

That is a great change of position and attitude for you.   Is it different when it is someone else who has crashed?

I vividly remember you going into a lengthy rant last year after you had a wreck over at Perring Parkway about how the State Highway folks were trying to kill us, etc.   And you wanted the State to pay for your broken parts, etc.    I was by the spot the next day and the difference between old gray pavement on the cross street and the new black pavement on Perring Parkway was stark.  It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could miss it.  And the traffic cone that you had described as being insufficient warning were more than enough to alert someone who was approaching the area.

On other occasions you've ridden up beside cars - not in any traffic lane - and then complained when they didn't see you - when you had created the risky situation.  You usually seem to want everyone else to be responsible for your safety even when you don't see something blatantly obvious, or put yourself in a risky situation.

So, how about you judge this situation by the actual attitude that you set forth so often on the web for all to read.

Obviously you always have to try to keep you eyes and ears open and watch for hazards.  Carl didn't say anything about wanting to be able to ride down the road sure that it was free of hazards.  But, the idea that other riders should be personally vigilant doesn't mean that one should do something to remove a blatant hazard from the road, or similarly, try to promote driving practices, road construction, etc., that improves the safety of the riding situation. 

Be consistent.

And the size is significant.  If it is a little rock, then it isn't a significant hazard and seems to be a trivial request, but if it is a larger rock it is clearly a hazard. 


Apr-09-10 11:20 pm
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Unfortunately, if you believe Stuart's significantly erroneous description of the rock that caused this wreck, you have the incorrect context and therefore your vote is rather meaningless.  In addition, if you don't pay attention to the few facts in Stuart's rant, and get caught up in the histrionics, you'll miss the point.

Most importantly, Stuart's description of the object that brought Moji down is very wrong.  By stating that the rock was much smaller than it really was - whether intentionally or not - Stuart trivializes Carl's concern and bases his argument on false information.   Carl, Moji and I were the three riders in the group in which the crash occurred.

We did not fly by it at approximately 20 mph as Stuart did, if Stuart even saw the rock in question at all.   Reality or possession of correct knowledge or the proper facts never stops Stuart's self-admittedly unfiltered utterances or postings.

We all stopped immediately after Moji hit the rock - with both tires - and crashed very hard.  Carl and I changed his tires so he could just relax and check his injuries.   Carl and I walked back toward the rock which was then near the center line.  Carl retrieved the object from the road.  He took it over to the side of the road where we worked on Moji's bike.  We all stood within a foot or so of the rock for a while.  Carl then tossed it to within a few feet of us where it was away from the road but in plain view.  Later we stood and looked at it several times while talking about the crash, how it happened, how the object might have gotten in the roadway, etc.

The rock was between 5 & 6" on it longest dimension and at its base, it was roughly 3" x 4".  It is fundamentally different from a 2" piece of gravel that Stuart dreams up as the basis of his rant.  One sees something like this in the road only a few times a year - certainly not more than once a month. 

As I expected, Stuart heard Carl, and probably Moji also, describe the size of the rock but chooses to assume that he knows more because he traveled on the same road earlier.  To Stuart, if he thinks it, it is correct, and no other fact or opinion can possibly be correct.

After we got Moji's bike back to being road worthy, Carl & I refused to ride on as Moji suggested and insisted that we would all ride backwards to the start (we were about 1/3 of the way into the ride at the crash point).   

I am not going to state affirmatively that all earlier groups of riders had a clear moral duty to stop and remove the rock from the road.   But I think they should have thought about and probably should have done it.  If we think motorists owe us great duties of care, we ought to consider looking out for one another.   

Moji didn't see this rock because he was 3rd in our line and it was out in the middle of the land.  I was second.  I really didn't see it clearly until after the crash.  It was a blur that passed beneath me right as Carl pointed at it.  Luckily, I followed Carl and moved left a bit when he moved as he gestured.  I barely missed it.  But the rock was not over on the right side of the road where one might first look after a warning gesture.   

I probably would have stopped if I had been riding alone - I do stuff like that, both from the bike and the car.    (If someone wants to challenge my veracity on this, I'll be happy to give you examples and Leah can confirm them.)  What a burden - to have your average speed diminished slightly so you could help known trailing cyclists.

There is so much more that I could right about the numerous absurdities in Stuart's rant, but I've got other things to do.  His facts are wrong because he wasn't there as three other people were.


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