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Sep-21-10 10:36 am
Pencil it in for next year
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

The Back Roads turned out to be a great way to spend a day on the bike.  The weather was tremendous, the slightly-tweaked course was scenic and rolling, with just a few climbs of note, including a sadistic grind at mile 94.5.  This, and a big roller around 88 were the only times I received a visit from Granny...  In all, Bob and I made good time, and finished with 17.4 mph.
The rest stops were well-manned, well-stocked and, in the case of Burwell-Morgan Mill (spuds! hooray!) relaxing and scenic, and White Post(antique car)Restorations, interesting and laid-back.
The only negative I could think of was a scary, gravelly, bike-eating RR crossing with no real way to negotiate it without hitting one substantial, jagged bump or another. That's it: it's a fine ride, and I can highly recommend it for your next year's plans.

Sep-05-10 03:26 pm
Proper Protocol?
Category: Social

Sent - thanks

Sep-04-10 08:07 pm
Proper Protocol?
Category: Social

Hi All:  I have a CWC registration which I won't be using.  I'd like someone else to get the chance.  What is the proper protocol for that?  I also ordered a size L T-shirt... is that cancelable?

Carl wrote:

When I visited the website via a link on this thread,I DO remember reading that, there may or may not be a cutoff, and that there may or may not be day of registration ,depending upon whether or not / when they reached their 'target number'.They also mentioned a date that they would decide / announce their decision(s).But I don't recall them mentioning what the target number was.

Really?  Did their lawyers write the copy?

Oh, that guy to the left is the original quarterjack, still ringing out the quarter hours on the clock tower of Wimborne Minster for centuries.  He was originally dressed as a monk until Henry VIII did away with the monasteries.  He's now dressed as a Napoleonic era grenadier.  There is no truth to the rumour that he'll be in a time trial outfit when the Olympics come to Britain in 2012.

I went to the site a number of times while deciding whether or not to participate and don't remember reading about a cut off.  That's not to say it wasn't there, just that I don't remember seeing it.  Certainly not with the prominence that the BBC dispalys the CWC limits.

Hi all: does anyone have plans to go out Thursday for 35-40 miles?

bob wagner wrote:

For others who might be interested, this is the ride you are referring to, correct?

That's the one.

I did it last year and had a good time. I quite liked the double loop format, especially since I was having some slipping shift probs and knew exactly where the service table was.  Isaias, don't forget the tomato sandwiches and the the salty baked spuds at the rest stops.  Nectar. Also the classic car garage at the last stop.  Fascinating - worth the ride for the fabulous Packard up on the lift.  Bob, hope you decide to do it too.  I know the trip there because it was the route we used to take to get to Blacksburg -- if you go to the outside of Winchester after the ride, there's great frozen yogurt at the Dairy Corner.  I'm also doing the Bay Country on the 4th as part of my September "Fat Guy on a Cheap Bike" Tour.

Hello:  Is anyone thinking of doing this ride, and if so, would anyone be interested in carpooling?

I'll be at the intersection at around 9:10 then.  Anything rather than battle Cuba fatigue.

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