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I have experienced the "confusion" symptom before during a Naval Reserve exercise when a shipmate wound up taking a helicopter trip first to Portsmouth and then Bethesda Naval Hospitals.  It creeps up and is very scary.  It also makes you feel really guilty about not noticing the other symptoms while they were there.  I can't emphasise enough how aware you need to be.

That's interesting: after the Chesapeake ramble I weighed myself, and found no weight change, and only peed once during the ride, at the first rest stop.  Hmmm.
I'm a great believer in personal responsibility, and don't go out if I don't think I can handle it.  I'm not about to (a) put myself at risk or (b)burden the rest of the group in case something happens.  That said, even after all this time riding, there are still occasions where I stop on a hot day, and am flabbergasted by just how hot it is, once the air movement ceases, and how much sweat can drop out of an open helmet.  You can understand then just how quickly you could be overcome.  No policy: just an advisory to leaders to be prudent and riders to have some common sense, since they know themselves better than anyone else.

jgoldst wrote:

I just can't see driving all the way to Thurmont for  a 50-mile ride. Might as well make a day of it and do the whole thing, eh?

Thought about that, Janet, but my fitness is still a way off.  I got back into bad habits of wolfed al-desko lunches and late evening work, so I'm not really confident enough in my bonk-resistance to go off solo into the more remote CWC spots.  I'll do some hilly 50-70's for a while: hopefully Bob's next ramble will be the 4 Reservoirs, and that will show me where I really am...

After our quick chat at the picnic, I went back to mapmyride and created "CWC Practice Phase II," that goes 77 - 64 - Raven Rock - Ritchie - Military Rd - 550 into Thurmont, followed by lunch, then 550 - Fort Ritchie - Raven Rock - Pleasant Valley - 77 and back into town.  It's just under 50, and the elevation profile has equal amounts of dark green descents and scary deep red / purple climbs.  Might even change the name to "Raven Rock'n'Roller" or something like that.  Need to ride it first though.

Hmmm.  Wondering how a "scenic nine mile descent back to Thurmont" translates when you reverse the direction...

Jul-16-10 04:15 pm
Anyone in eastern Balto Co interested?
Category: Social

You could take a look at the cue sheet site and try some of the shorter rides out of Meadowood Regional Park.  That would give you some "loosener" miles up Falls from Mt Washington, and then the ride from there.  The rides have some hills, make no mistake, but at some point you'll be battling them as long as you live in this area.

Hello all: does anyone have a record of the total climb on the CWC Practice Loop mentioned on the CWC website?  The ride takes in the big climb out of Thurmont on 77 and, after descending towards Rt 64(?) the Raven Rock / Ritchie Road horror slog.  Trying to decide whether to attempt 2 laps of that, or just do the 3/4 Century instead.

Jul-14-10 05:23 pm
Cycle through the Western shore of the Chesapeake Bay

I participated last year and had an enjoyable day.  Good support, well-staffed rest stops, including a superb, lively one at North Beach which came at about the 75 mile mark and was hard to leave!  I can definitely recommend it.  A chunk of the route will be familiar to anyone who did the rando on Sunday, just going in the other direction.

Jul-13-10 04:57 pm
Has anyone done these?

The Bay Country and Back Roads were very pleasant last year: I'd recommend both.  The Back Roads (in Berryville, VA, near Winchester) had [sounds of angelic trumpets] salty baked spuds at the rest stops.  Marvellous.

Jul-13-10 03:58 pm
Has anyone done these?

bob wagner wrote:

Renee's got the century bug! I love it.

So have I - looking to do 10 or 11 this year, including the 4 Reservoirs.  Dogwood, Spooks Hill, Gunpowder and Old Bosley on the same ride with Lake Ave at mile 96. Bliss, or whatever that is called. Enough to straighten an English dog's teeth.

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