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Apr-16-11 10:48 pm
Category: Technical


I wouldn’t get too involved in “bike fitting” right away. I would just go out and ride as many different models/sizes as possible.
It is quite likely that you can find  bikes that you are comfortable with.  Everyone is a little different and will prefer a different
riding style and geometry and bike manufacturers make different lines of bikes to fill different needs.  You need to put in the time. Even with a professional fitting there are no guarantees. It is as much art as science! As mentioned by another poster, Sheldon Brown’s website has some good basic advice. Probably the most important point is that you are balanced on the bike. You should be able to go from having your hands on the hoods to sitting up with very little push from arms. If you can’t then you are probably stretched out too far and putting too much weight on your arms. After spending some time on demos you will notice the differences.
If you simply can’t find anything comfortable then maybe a bike fitting is in order but try the simple route first if only to find out
what exactly you find uncomfortable!


Dec-07-10 02:22 pm
Looking for a set of cleats that fit Shimano SPD
Category: Technical

Carl beat me to the Sheldon Brown link but read on….

Here’s a link to a spd cleat chart though it is a bit old.
Of course to use it you have to identify your pedal model as well.
I don’t know what cleat type you purchased locally.
It looks like SH-51’s are still available on line which I think replaced SH-50’s. … h51-cleats
Or just call around and see what local bike shop has them.
(You might try the same shop if SH-51 is not what they sold you-exchange?)

Also, it is possible that part of the soles/lugs are hitting part of the pedal before the cleat can engage,
maybe aggravated by the cleat thickness.
If so you can try spacing the cleat slightly or grinding down part of the shoe.

Good luck

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