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Jan-27-12 11:26 am
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

A cyclist from Baltimore -- a BBC'r? … rk-gallery

Nov-16-11 11:13 am
Miscellaneous free stuff
Category: Technical

Various free stuff.  Contact me at  With notification these items will be brought to Catonsville on 11/20/11, otherwise going to Goodwill.

1.  Cateye Altimeter -- unit, instructions, wiring, etc. (worked fine when last used)
2.  Shimano 105 brake arches -- original single pull from mid-80's; nice finish; no pads; some wear & tear
3.  CLB brakeset -- levers & arches (missing 1 pad); superlight brakeset from the 90's (bought at prior BBC swap & sell, but never used)
4.  Shimano Ultegra 8 speed STI lever (Left;front); scratched
5.  Shimano 105 pedals and clips -- from mid-80's; barely used
6.  Two sets of "bear trap" mountain pedals from the 80's

Nov-16-11 11:02 am
Category: Technical

Various Niterider stuff that is not being used as batteries are dead.  Batteries can possibly be sent to Niterider to recondition or the good parts can be used for spares. 

1. Classic dual beam -- includes light, water bottle battery, charger and handlebar mount
2. Digital -- includes light,battery, charger and quick release handlebar mount
3. Taillight -- includes light with cable; intended for use with Digital light above

These items are free.  Contact me at feltb2$ if you want to pick them up in Catonsville.  Currently in DE and if I do not hear anything by Sunday 11/20/11 they will be given to Goodwill.

Oct-31-11 09:55 am
Relocating to work near BWI Airport.
Category: Social

If riding from Ellicott City to West Nursery is is also easy to ride through Patapsco State Park on the Grist Mill Trail. The west entrance is on Ilchester Road below the hill Stuart mentions below.  There are three ways to exit on the east side for a biker, but if communting to West Nursery Road would stay on Grist Mill Trail until turning right atthe stop sign, Gun Road; cross the bridge over the Patapsco River and take first left which is River Road; River Road exits the park and becomes Levering which is on Stuart's fist set of cues. It is a few miles from one end of the park to the other (and it has really nice mountain bike trails).

I commute occassionally from Catonsville to the inner harbor area.  The commute is interesting, but my favorite scene is the weekend they open the Patapsco State Park up for fishing in the springtime.   There are fishermen everywhera, it is usually crisp and hopefully a sign that summer is not too far away.

Oct-12-11 12:14 pm
Category: Social

A single meal ticket should have been part of the goody bag.

Aug-01-11 03:31 pm
flat protection
Category: Technical

Thanks for the feedback Bob!  Installation does sound a bit challenging as Mr T suggests using a local bike shop, but I can live with that challenge.  Stiffer & heavier is a concern. The stiffness will be a ride it & see test, but as I am small my bikes are all pretty stiff already.  There is a set now that seems to be a bit lighter so hopefully weight won't be a big deal.  Ralated to the flats caused by the ends there is quite a bit about this on one of the forums, it ssems that the ends need to be smoothed.  Some have suggested sanding, some suggested heating and hand flattening and others seem to think this is an issue that has now been addressed by Mr T.  I think I will go ahead and give them a shot for $10 ~ $15 as it seems to be relatively low risk.  If they turn out to be crappy they will be retired with the Conti's which were a bad puchase in hindsight.  Thanks again!

Jul-31-11 08:44 pm
flat protection
Category: Technical

Had a flat about 60 miles in on Saturday's ride.  Tire went flat quickly as it was a nail about 3/4 inches long.  Easy change & since I was close to New Frredom I stopped at the bike shop for another tube & some CO2 just in case it happened again in the last 15 miles.

I am interested in Mr. Tuffy tire liners.  This is primarily because of some Continental Ultra Race tires that were really cheap that I would like to begin using.  However, they are famous for flats since the rubber is so soft.

Anyone used Mr Tuffy's or any other tire liner with a road bike? 


Jul-03-11 12:32 pm
Broke Shifter, need an Ultegra triple
Category: Technical

consider 9 speed Tiagra. I bought a couple sets a year or two ago when the 105/ultegra/dura ace went 10 speed.  Was cheap, shifts fine and the levers seem more comfortable than the more expenseive stuff.  Don't know if Tiagra is still 9 speed or whether the left shifter can be purchased separately, but worth a look if you want to stay w/9 speed

Jun-15-11 01:42 pm
Category: Social

I plan to do the Saturday ride.  However, I start and finish at Cowan's Gap State Park and usually get in 7 ~ 8 Grandmotherly climbs.  Using the start time for Grandmother I try to start at a time that puts me on Hill # 1 (or the store at Rtes 75 & 4004, if it is open) when the group is there.  I ride based on how I am feeling and whether I time my start correctly.  If I catch up with the group I'll do Hills 1~5, but if not I tend to do 1 & 2 then go backwards back to the park.  Before joining the group I ride Hill 5 (Part II) from the park up to 30; descend 30 to the left, then u-turn at the bottom, climb back up 30 returning to the park and then do another climb (Rte 1010 which at the top of the climb becomes 4004) before arriving at the intersection of 75 & 4004.  A little extra driving, but compacts the climbing, avoids most of the traffic and ends at the park which is lovely. There was a notation on the TDM screen a "ride with us Saturday" but it is no longer there.  Add the ride.

Short & easy TT without stop signs:  Patapsco State Park Orange area where the swinging bridge is -- ride approximately 2 miles & bear right on River Road to leave the park and then turn right to finish at the top of Lawyers Hill -- total is probably 3 ~ 4 miles, but it is easily accessed, traffic is not too bad, there are no stop signs and the route is challenging enough to be able to group cyclists as the club deems appropriate. As an alternative to leaving the park stay in the park and do the loop up Glen Artney -- steep little monster (spelling?).

I ride in Patapsco State Park on the mountain bike and through it on the road bike and it is a great resource.

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