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Oct-18-10 09:24 am
Category: Social

If the BBC was a for profit company I could understand the reason to protect the cue sheets as assets of the club by limiting public access.  However, the cue sheets for the BBC have been created by individuals who contributed them freely to the club.  I suspect that many contributors like myself would prefer to permit free access to the cue sheets that have created.  A few cue sheets in the BBC cue library were created by me. As Ed pionted out above other comparable clubs continue to offer their cue sheets to the public and the logic that they atttract new rides seems logical to me.

I rode the WCBC Savage Century on Saturday and was planning to upload the cue sheet since it is a pretty nice ride.

I rode this area within the last two months.  Once the turn is made onto Prettyboy Dam from Mt. Carmel simpy stay on Prettyboy Dam until Armacost.  The cue at 20.7 in the cue sheet mentioned (S TRO Prettboy Dam Rd @ Falls) is simply a protective cue.  Prettyboy Dam bears to the left and Falls Road is a clearly separate road to the right (there is a stop sign on Falls Road for traffic approaching Prettyboy Dam).  Staying on Prettboy Dam you will eventually descend (on a pretty rough section of road) to the dam which has a terrific view in the middle.  After passing the dam there is climb and then the right turn onto Armacost Road.

Oct-12-10 10:13 am
Warning and Feedback on the Conover Road Bridge
Forum: Road Problems

Sorry to hear about your crash.  Mark Tabb & I scouted the Red Rum many years ago and the Harney bridge was originally on the ride created based upon ADC maps.  However, Mark & I both walked it and decided it was unsafe for any cyclist.  I recall hearing that other cyclists have similar fates to your when trying to cross the bridge.  Speedy recovery!

Cue sheets for the PPTC Back Roads Century are online.  I have been searching for a cue sheet for the WCBC Savage since I cannot do that ride on the scheduled date and was actually looking for a ride this Friday as I will be out of town Saturday.  Looked but couldn't find Hanover or Bay Country century cue sheets so I looked & found the PPTC Back Roads cue sheet.  Hopefully the route will be marked on Friday as I hope to use the printed cue sheet as back-up to visual cues. … cue-sheets

Sep-12-10 11:47 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Route markings for the century, including the volunteers with the signs in Gettysburg, were exceptional.  Thanks to all of the volunteers.


Does anyone have a copy of the cue sheet for the WCBC's Savage Century?  I cannot make the scheduled ride on October 16th so I would like to obtain a copy of the cue sheet to ride it on another date.

I searched the internet and found one from 2004 which I will use unless I find something newer.

While searching  I also found a gran fondo in Garret County called the Savage Century which looks interesting.
Anybody do this "Savage Century" or the "Diabolical Double"?

e-mail is



I know this is a stretch, but anybody ever ridden this?

I'm interested in riding this in 2011.  Long drive, etc., but WTF. 

Located somewhere is Western Massachusetts.

From 1934 being shown on TCM tomorrow, WE 7/28/10 at 3:30 pm.

Not available on DVD.

Jun-28-10 10:27 am
Thoughts on the Foxey Coxey Crash Sunday
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

I am sorry to hear about the recent crashes and resulting injuries. 

I was on a 60 miler Saturday in lower slower Delaware ("LSD") with dual rotating pacelines and there was a stong rider with 20 year old pedals.  This guy unclipped about every 15~20 minutes.  It really made me nervous and I worked to get as far away from him as possible.  He was asked to stay at the back, but insisted upon doing his pulls.  Hopefully he will fix or replace those pedals before he partipates in another hard group ride.

There is always going to be some danger in group rides -- a rider with malfunctioning equipment, a rider who does not know the route and misses a turn or even worse attempts to make a turn when it is clearly too late (which seems to be the real problem described by Stuart above rather than the handlebars of one of the cyclists), and others.

I think it is important to be familiar with the other cyclists and to become comfortable with the way they ride.  I have ridden with MT a lot and even with aero/time trial bars he uses he is the safest cyclist I have ever ridden with. 

On the ride Saturday the guy next to me said to get closer to the guy in front of me.  My response was simply you ride your bike & I'll ride mine.  As soon as I am comfortable following the cyclist in front of me I will adjust my distance as needed ( I was probably about 3 feet behind and there was a bit of a tailwind).  This ride was an out and back with a fairly easy 20~21 pace outbound and a return into the wind at a pace from 22~27 (there was one guy that got on the front and simply turned the pace up to 27 without seeming to be in any kind of pain, but I was suffering!).

Blackouts -- The current BBC policy seems to be generally aimed at the perceived good of the club as a whole.  The members' choice is whether the policy is respected and supported or whether the policy should be eliminated.  There is already a thread in the forum about a more local "non-official" ride (or some description like that) on the current blackout date.  While there might be less global invitations than the BBC forum to announce such a ride so that proper respect is given to the current blackout policy I understand the need for such rides. Hopefully the Flatlands ride will be well attended by participants and volunteers alike and the non-official ride(s) will be safe and enjoyable for those that participate in these rides.  We have different needs and wants.

Cue sheet standardization:  Have fun!  What is the correct font size (My near vision at 53 is considerably worse than it was when I was 45)?  How descriptive do the cues need to be and in what order (I prefer the least amount of information possible)?  Should the cue sheet fold from top to bottom or side to side (Side to side is my preference -- if I need to look at the next cue on the back of the current folded page I find it much easier to acccess the next cue when folded side to side -- I clip the cue sheet at the top)?  When does a cue sheet need to be updated (In my opinion it is incumbent upon the ride leader to scout the ride to update the cue sheet as needed and identify any item that could affect primariliy the safety of the cyclist)?  How is a cue sheet updated if it is only available in pdf format?  Does the cuesheet need any form of legal waiver language?  Does the cue sheet require some form of BBC identification, emergency information, etc?  I don't lead rides anymore, but if I was interested in leading a ride it would be a deterrant if I needed to spend extra time converting my cuesheet to some standard format.  More like work than play.  Maybe the club can buy a few hundred GPS's and distribute them to the ride leaders who can upload the cues and distribute them at the ride start.  Maybe the club would then be forced to begin charging for each ride ...

Jim, a lurker

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