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Sep-28-16 09:37 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Just a friendly reminder, this is Thursday night.

Sep-18-16 01:13 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Baltimore county is hosting an open house for bicycle improvements for the Security/Ingleside area.


Greetings all:  Baltimore County Police, Wilkens precinct is hosting Bike with a Cop in Catonsville April 30th. Bring the kids!

Hey all: The Torrey C Brown trail (AKA NCR Trail) is being inducted into the Rails to Trails Hall of Frame on November 10th in New Freedom PA. I am leading a casual (but long, 20 miles each way) ride to New Freedom for the 11 AM ceremony, return after the event. The ride leaves the Papermill parking lot @ 9am.  We should be back around 2pm. Lunch stop possible if there is interest, bring munchies regardless.

Here's a link for the facebook event:

Best, Charlie

Oct-02-15 08:22 pm
Great guy, great cause
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

carl boyd wrote:

I've inquired as to when he will be passing through our area, in the hopes of riding with him!
Please consider supporting in any way possible.

Post up if you here from him.

   The plan is mostly sign clutter with a few token bike lane segments. Please attend the Towson meeting this Thursday, 16th @ 7:00PM to voice your opinion. Read below for all of the information. … fe-biking/

Feb-20-15 07:59 am
BBC Opposition of Protected Bikeways
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I do not wish to belabor this point but I have ridden many cycle tracks in this and other countries.  I have never met a cycle track I did not like. I am certain that each and every bicycle infrastructure improvement will be studied and scrutinized for pros and cons for all possible improvements.

I think the major problem with this debate is the word 'default'.  Should the default amendment be adopted, it will give the advocates of Bikemore one more tool in their arsenal when fighting for cycling infrastructure improvements.  We are currently faced with a Balto City and County governments that do NOT wish to improve bicycling infrastructure.  This extends beyond the elected officials, it runs deep into DOT and DPW. We need every tool we can get.

I think what needs to happen in the future is for both Bikemore and the BBC to work together and not against each other. It might have been more prudent for the BBC board to confront Bikemore with  their viewpoints rather than to go directly to the elected officials and their membership. 

The only way we will improve cycling in our region is for roadies, freds, commuters, hipsters, advocates, mnt bikers, recreational cyclists and newbies to work together. All will never agree on dress, bikes, manner of cycling, etc, but we must work together to improve our streets for future generations.

Feb-19-15 05:31 pm
BBC Opposition of Protected Bikeways
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

First, I love to see the BBC get involved in this discussion.  It is much needed in this club, often the advocacy post are seldom read.

  I am; however, surprised by the BBC reaction to the cycle track.  As a long time cyclist and bike commuter I would easily choose a cycle track over other options.  Is it the perfect option? No just the best we have right now.

Folks talk about the door zone, well I would rather be in a door zone in a cycle tack where the default is the door or another cyclist as opposed to the door zones often encounter on city streets where it is the door or a car.  One cannot avoid a door during rush hour traffic in the city without significant negative results.

Right and left hooks are a problem with CTs (also with bike lanes) but with proper parking regulations, education of cyclists/motorists and increased number of cyclists these can be easily overcome.  The old statement, build it and they will come is so true. The number of cyclists will greatly improve with the cycle tracks, PERIOD. Our safety is in numbers.

The city is not going to put cycle tracks all over the place replacing the current bike lanes.  It will be used in high speed traffic areas where it is needed.

I think some other great points are raised in calming traffic, police enforcement of speed laws, cyclists obeying laws etc.  But that is  a different story.

  We should really support the cycle tracks as stated by Bikemore. It will help cycling in our city. Bike advocates are always going up against politicians, police, automobile drivers, but we hate it when we go against our own.  Good discussion none-the-less.

FWIW: I am a BBC member and Bikemore board member.
@ Jeffrey, I wish I was 30 year old of which you speak. Only my bike is that age:)


Feb-11-15 08:46 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Greetings all: Below is the job description for the new Executive Directors position with Bikemore.  If you are interested or know of someone please contact us.  Also please spread the word.

Thanks and stay warm out there.
Charlie Murphy

Blog post announcing job description: … e-director

Direct link to job description:

Facebook link to Bikemore (job description is pinned to top of page):

If you are on Twitter, please retweet this: … 3112879104

Please also post/share the position to LinkedIn or any other social media outlets, and please share with any non-profit networks you operate in.

Nov-25-14 05:13 pm
Category: Social

My concern is always the police report.  Often they do not get it right.  As the cyclist is taken to the hospital the police obtain the information from the car driver, thus 1 side of the story.  I have helped a few injured cyclists (Balto city) correct their police reports. This often involves contacting city council person, police precincts, police chiefs etc.  So the sooner one gets the report amended the better it is.

Bikemore(Baltimore's bike advocacy group) has this, a bike crash card to print out. … d%20x4.pdf

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