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Jun-28-10 09:41 am
Double century+ Weekend
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Hey Isaias  How was that first hill?  Looks like the first 25 miles were mostly climbing  nice ride.

Jun-28-10 09:37 am
Artscape bike parking
Category: Social

Hey folks: There will be bike valet parking at Baltimore Artscape this year. If you have ever been to Artscape you know what a pain parking a car can be. You will be able to leave your bike in a safe environment. We are also looking for volunteers to help. Below is the info I received. Hope many of you can take advantage of this service. Thanks Charlie

"Artscape 2010 is fast approaching! Last year we had over 700 BIKES parked at the UB Plaza. This year, we expect even more!
Let’s build on last year’s success and make 2010 even better!

All volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and receive free parking, cool thank you gifts, access to the air-conditioned volunteer "lounge" and snacks. Plus, you get to hang out with other cyclists, make sure their rides don't get stolen and promote the growing bike community in Baltimore

Shifts are available on:
Friday, July 16th 11:30-4:00; 3:30-7; 6:30-10:00
Saturday, July 17th 3:30-7:00; 6:30-10
Sunday, July 18th 11:30-4; 3:30-8:00
Join the Artscape Team by signing up at or contact Debbie Zink at 443-263-4307
Registration for all volunteers closes on Friday, July 2nd"

Jun-22-10 11:39 am
Category: Social

Nate Evans the new Baltimore Bike Planner has been very active.  It seems he has gotten approval for Baltimore’s first bike boulevard, Guilford road. 
Here’s his blog

He is seeking other possible routes that can be made into bike boulevards.  I live on the westside but commute south towards DC.  Does anyone commute from the westside to downtown?  Any route suggestions?  Post them to his blog. I would like to Frederick rd turned into one but feel that it doesn’t quite fit the criteria. 
  What about the eastside?  I don’t think Eastern Ave. fits the requirements either. Charlie

Jun-18-10 09:40 am
Category: Social

Comments appreciated, any problems with the routes feel free to post them

Jun-18-10 09:31 am
advocacy meeting
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

The new bike alliance will be holding a meeting and all are invited

Tuesday June 22nd - OLC Baltimore Bicycle Alliance Development Committee Meeting

The Bicycle Alliance Development Committee will meet from 6:30-8:00pm at the Knott Foundation located at 3904 Hickory Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211. This meeting is specifically for folks who want join the Alliance Development Committee and volunteer approximately 3-4 hours a month to passionately promote bicycling in Baltimore City and County.

Hey Dave:  I'll be there but won't be riding(except to the event)  I'll be helping out.  I'll look for you.  Charlie

Hey folks;  This weekend is the Tour dem Parks in downtown Baltimore.  Rides for all skill levels.  Here's the link.

It supports the parks, greening AND bicycling.  Hope to see you out there.   Charlie

iodaniell wrote:

Well, congrats to those who set records yesterday!  You sure you guys don't want to ride to OCMD with me in July?

Bob already has dibs, though, on the other bed in my room at the Sea Bay Hotel.

You won't need a room if I ride, you'll be riding through the night.

iodaniell wrote:

balto charlie wrote:

A side note: no one drove to the ride start!!

And, more importantly, no one was needing to be driven home!

One of us was close, very close;-)

Great day folks;  Thanks Bob, excellent cue as always.  Hopefully I won't lose it next time.  Thanks as well to Dave and Bob for the electrolytes, never would have made it home.  Carl's and my ride to the west side went well but the sun was nasty.  We couldn't see in front of us which meant the cars couldn't see us either.  I ended with 126 for the day,
Carl: did you get your highest mileage ride? nice poem btw.
A side note: no one drove to the ride start!!

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