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Great event.   Thank you Gloria.

     I will be there.  Thank you for bringing us together and for organizing this.

Apr-29-21 02:11 pm
Cyclist killed on Paper Mill Road
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

It is so painful to hear another of us who love this sport has been taken by an automobile.  Thank you Ed for getting more information.  You are the best at doing that.  Please all be safe and wary of those motor vehicles.   My heart grieves with Bruce Marshall's family and friends. 

Jun-12-20 10:34 pm
Category: Social

I think a coronavirus particle is on the order of 100nm.   Much smaller than other viruses.   It is slow to fall.

I'm over 65, so I have no desire to gamble my life with whether the posted statements are valid.   The governor says groups must be 10 or less.  I'll help keep it small by not coming to a group ride. 

I dread seeing more bodies from the hospital moved into the refrigerated trucks.   This extremely contagious disease can be fatal and I don't want to risk infection.      I'll keep enjoying nature in solitude on my rides.   

Thank you BBC board for giving your attention to the needs of the club members.   

Dec-31-19 11:34 am
Category: Social

What is his address that we can send our get-wells?

I also want to know the amounts that the CWC gives to the fire companies and to the communities

Bummer.  There was rain and strong winds still in Carroll County

Apr-08-19 11:18 am
Season Opener Rides! --- Nice !! Big Hit !!!
Category: Social

   Season Opener Bike Rides!  --- An excellent idea for a club event! 

---- Thank you for all the work to create and present these rides and club event.

  ----   Love the new and innovative thinking...

Oct-09-18 05:05 pm
Vicious Growling dog
Category: Social

Ed,   Thank you for you research.  You are very helpful.   

This Barnes Road is a wonderfully quiet, peaceful, country road except for this dang dog.  Many club cyclists may know this road from the longer route of the pancake rides. 

Oct-09-18 02:17 pm
Vicious Growling dog
Category: Social

What can I do about a large, muscular, visciously growling dog that often rushes out onto the road at 14824 Barnes Rd, New Windsor, in Carroll Cty.  The dog's racing towards me and on to the road scares me.  Although I shout a loud, firm "Go Home!", it continues towards me.  I have to stop riding to protect myself and show the dog that I am standing my ground.   

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