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So I created a club on Zwift a month or so ago and listed it as an UNOFFICIAL BBC club.  I invited people I know on Zwift and marked a couple members that accepted as admins.  I've made it quite clear that it's not directly associated with BBC.

I plan to limit the Zwift club membership to any BBC member that requests it.  I'll have to match their Zwift account name to the roster available here on this web site.  I do not plan to limit it to just existing BBC members however but I have asked all members to suggest that we accept pending requests because they have first hand knowledge that said request is from someone they know that rides in the Baltimore / Washington area.

I'm filtering Zwift club requests in this manner since there is now a Discord voice channel directly associated with this Zwift club.  I'm trying to limit random people coming into the voice channel and disrupting things.

Anyway I thought I would post here as some of you may not be aware of the existence of the Zwift club and might find that an interesting option when outdoor rides are not an option for you.

I'm sure I will get some feedback on this post both positive and negative.  I'm not posting any of this to the "official" BBC Facebook page.  I know that will slow information distribution but I'd rather do that right now in case the way I set up the Discord channel is too open and causing problems.


Phil just updated the ride.  If you downloaded it you probably want to download it again.


Did not see this and ended up going up to Thurmont this morning.  In fact, I rarely check the forums anymore as there is much more going on within the Facebook BBC group.  Check the schedule rides multiple times the past few days but apparently not after 5 PM yesterday (Friday).  Anyway, did the metric route this morning (solo).  Did not pay much attention to the road markings but I expect they have not been laid out yet.  I had no problems with the GPS file for the metric route.

Jun-03-21 08:54 am
Category: Social

Someone was asking on the BBC Facebook site.  I passed along the URL to the official CWC page, but promised to ask here as well.


There is a new newsgroup for Glenelg-gang weekday rides.  If interested, go to:

and search for glenelg gang.

Mar-13-20 07:19 pm
One person dead as seven cyclists, SUV involved in traffic accident in Annapolis, Anne Arundel...
Category: Social

This went up today.  Well written blog post that describes much of what happened last Saturday.

Mar-12-20 03:57 pm
One person dead as seven cyclists, SUV involved in traffic accident in Annapolis, Anne Arundel...
Category: Social

03/12 - 1550
Jeff underwent three surgeries yesterday (3/11). He was in the OR from 7:30am to 5:00pm. This included the first of his pelvic surgeries.
The breathing tube has been removed, but his throat irritation still makes it difficult for him to speak.
Visitors are still not allowed at this time. His wife Deb was told that when they finally do allow visitors, the hospital will be very strict, only allowing one visitor at a time (who must sign in and out).
Jeff is able to think clearly and has said that his arm is giving him the most discomfort at the moment.  

Mar-11-20 10:48 am
One person dead as seven cyclists, SUV involved in traffic accident in Annapolis, Anne Arundel...
Category: Social

Deb Adler posted this late last night.
Tuesday, 3/10 Today Jeff had tests done to the veins and arteries in his pelvis to find the source of potential bleeding. Three small areas were found and received embolization. Hopefully this will remedy his need for further blood transfusions. He still has a breathing tube and is being kept relatively sedated due to his agitated state. He does respond to commands.

Wednesday's plan is to surgically repair his broken pelvis and arm. Hopefully he will be stable and the surgery can proceed.

When Jeff has been awake, I've read all the text and email messages that we have received. He squeezes my hand and shuts his eyes after each one. We sincerely appreciate each and every one! The outpouring of concern and most importantly prayers has been an incredible blessing.

If anyone would like to send a card, our address is:
7030 Timberfield Place, Chestnut Hill Cove, MD 21226.

Thank you again for your support in so many ways! We believe that God is the supreme healer so please continue praying.

Mar-10-20 05:38 pm
One person dead as seven cyclists, SUV involved in traffic accident in Annapolis, Anne Arundel...
Category: Social

Updates on Jeff's condition has been spilling out on FB.  I'm passing along here.  Note the snail mail address at the end.

Kevin L Suffecool *UPDATE #2*
As of last night (Mon 3/9), Jeff was awake. He is still on a breathing tube, which is making him uncomfortable and unable to talk yet, but he is responding to yes/no questions via a chart.
Jeff is also running a high fever and the hospital is trying to bring that down quickly. The docs are not sure if it is an infection or the body's natural reaction to trauma. He will require a skin graft on his leg.
The hospital scheduled Jeff's first pelvic surgery for today (Tues 3/10). They will continue to build the structure around the pelvic fractures. He is still losing blood through his arm injury, so he has had some transfusions. He will also have surgery on his left arm today, as they need to slow/stop the bleeding, and potentially add more bone support.
Jeff does not remember the accident, and he does not yet know that his friend Arthur was killed. Jeff is trying to ask questions, and his wife Deb is trying to give the best answers she can without upsetting him.
Deb is holding up well, and working to keep conversations with Jeff upbeat and positive. She said that right now, cards and expressions of support would be the most helpful thing for Jeff.
If you wish to send a card, here is the address:
Jeff Adler
7030 Timberfield Place
Chestnut Hill Cove, MD 21226

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