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I am running a DA 11 speed chain, currently at about 4900 miles of relatively clean, lub'ed use over Baltimore County roads.  I weekly measure the chain using a Park CC3.2 at a couple of different links.  When I checked yesterday the 0.5% did not slip in.  I spun the crank a half turn and remeasured.  The 0.5% went in.  Spun the crank another half turn and the 0.5% did not go in.

I then checked the entire chain and found one section of about 20 consecutive links at 0.5% wear (but not 0.75%) and all the other links were under 0.5%.
I had always assumed a chain on a non-fixie would wear uniformly.  So what is actual wear here, do I replaced the chain a little early?
What chance that this is a defective chain from the factory and that 10 link section was always out of spec.  Who checks every link on a new chain?

Dec-11-20 06:51 pm
Our worst nightmare.
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Forum: Ride Reports

I agree with Phil about narrower roads - but seeing the number of tire tracks off the edge of roads and corresponding mud on many roads is daunting.  That's why ever more riders ride with front and rear daytime lights.

Nov-21-20 09:36 am
Now passable
Forum: Road Problems

Loch Raven sinkhole is repaired, wind/rain has swept most debris off roadway, Gates are still closed.

The Maryland Cycling Classic has been put on the calendar for September 5, 2021.

The race is estimated to be contested over 110 miles, and plans to invite nearly 130 professional cyclists from more than 30 different countries.
The event, to take place in Baltimore, Maryland, is part of the UCI ProSeries and is one of the top-ranked events in North and South America.

Commenting on the level of competition this race will bring to North America, Nate Brown of Rally Cycling said, “The Maryland Cycling Classic is huge for cycling in the USA, and to have the support of Baltimore and the entire state of Maryland is a big deal.” … kend-2021/

Aug-30-20 07:46 pm
Category: Social

A retired engineer’s latest sculpture is a bicycle, back-scratcher and cookie dispenser — all in one

From Bicycle Contraption Washington Post

Work has started on culvert repair.
As of today 8/17/2020 they are still allowing bicycles to pass between work trucks.

The wooden bridges on Mantua Mill Rd and Piney Grove Rd have had parallel planking placed with an open center (think Cuba Rd north bridge).  Use caution.

Jun-15-20 06:42 pm
Bicycle as a Vehicle of Protest
Category: Social

Interesting read in the New Yorker by Jody Rosen.

"Bicycles are powerful things—inexpensive, versatile tools that can be used by dissenters to sneak up and speed off, to organize and mobilize and elude." … of-protest

Greg has to CANCEL the 1/29 Wednesday ride from Oregon Ridge due to a late emergency.  Greg regrets the necessity and has asked Steve to post the cancellation.

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