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April Fool's Day Ride!!!

Filed under:     15 - 17 mph
Ride Date:     Thursday, Apr 1 10am - 1pm
Location:     ORR - Oregon Ridge Park
Distance:     45

April Fool's Day Ride!!! Ride Leader will bring a fun ride consistent with the spirit (and weather) of the day.
Please bring a calibrated cyclometer or be prepared to ride with the group. There will be a cuesheet with mileage points, but anything else goes...

I have canceled the Tuesday ride due to rain.
If you are free on Thursday, come out for the April Fool's Day Ride - weather should be much better  current/cool

I am not too pleased with Tuesday's weather forecast.  In fact this is the weather we have had for the prior two years on April Fool's Day.
April Fool's Day is Thursday and they are now calling Thursday to be a sunny 78*.

The Tuesday Ride awaits Tuesday morning for a final weather call  current/hmm

Ride to Rocks Park via Hidden Valley: Description: Rolling to Hilly (4400 ft) ride.
We go by both parts of Rocks Park. First the Hidden Valley and then to the main park. Stops in Rocks Park at mile 34 and snack at 7-11 in Jarrettsville at mile 40.
Cuesheet at … Valley.pdf

Check in here for any weather related changes current/roll

Mar-24-10 11:04 am
Ride Titles should be added to List View Format
Category: Social

The Descriptive Ride Title field, which is the FIRST field entered on the New Ride Entry screen, is not put in the List View Format.

The only way to get this title into the List View is by duplicating it in the description.  Since many popular rides are known by their titles (PA Puddle Jumper or Ride to Rocks Park for example), it would be helpful to see these names.
I understand that List View is implemented mostly for the Newsletter, yet I think even there the ride Title would be useful.

Calendar View example:

Ride Details Crofton to Chesapeake Beach
Filed under:     15 - 17 mph
Ride Date:     Sunday, Apr 25 9:30am - 12am
Location:     Crofton Center: Routes 3 & 424, Crofton, Anne Arundel County
Distance:     72
Ride Leader Name:     Janet Goldstein
Phone Number:     410-366-1466
Gently rolling ride to Chesapeake Beach. Several options for snacks and/or lunch. (No facilities at ride start, but there's a Mickey D's on Rt. 3 just before 424.)

List View example:

15 - 17 mph - 9:30 am - 72 mi - Janet Goldstein 410-366-1466 (
START: Crofton Center: Routes 3 & 424, Crofton, Anne Arundel County
Gently rolling ride to Chesapeake Beach. Several options for snacks and/or lunch. (No facilities at ride start, but there's a Mickey D's on Rt. 3 just before 424.)

Mar-23-10 08:02 pm
A lot of us have the same "names" or murky names for our postings
Category: Social

Use a program like TitleEasy Thumbnails (freeware) to convert your files.

Although I created the animated gif using an animation package.

Looks like great riding weather for first Tuesday ride of Spring.
Ride Date:     Tuesday, Mar 23 9:30am - 1pm
Location:     Meadowood Regional Park: 10650 Falls Rd just south of Joppa Rd, Lutherville
Distance:     45
Loch Raven Loop. Break at Monkton Station. Come join the fun!

Bring snack for the break.

You could not delete the ride since it is a ride that Steve copied over from the Old Ride Schedule for you.  Thus I became the "owner" of the ride.  I am deleting the ride from the Ride Calendar.
The person who enters the ride controls edit/delete access to the ride, not the ride leader (future enhancement maybe).

Please enter your ride into the calendar.

Deleted ride data:

Monday, June 14, 2010
Casual - 10:00 am - 34 mi - Bud Lippert 410-686-8504 (
START: Chesapeake City; Bethel Rd parking lot
34 mile mostly flat about the countryside of Cecil county. Travel through towns of Earlville, Cayotes corner, & Chesapeake City. Bohemia Kates is one of the stops on the trip. Chesapeake City; Bethel Rd parking lot Rt40N to Rt 216 for 16 miles; Over the C&D bridge; take first ramp off the bridge; Right turn on Basil Rd(rt 537) Left turn on George Rd (Rt286) Right turn on 2nd Ave (RT286) Follow to Bethel Ave. Turn Right on Bethel (Rt 286) for 4/10 mile. Left Turn into parking lot. Day of ride:443.570.0542

Mar-17-10 07:26 pm
Short dash around Prettyboy
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

quarterjack wrote:

resulting in a terrifying tankslapper that seemed to last forever

You doing this on a motorbike?

Mar-16-10 06:43 pm
I'm not happy with the Forum and don't wish to lose the old Yahoo list
Category: Social

The Forum has a PMB (Private Message Service) which can be used to reply directly to a user.
Click on the user name to bring up a profile and do PMS, or Click on the Messages box.  If you have a message, it will be flagged on the Messages box.


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