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I have decided to cancel Monday's ride.
Roadways are still narrow with poor visibility around corners.
Snow melt and freeze will also increase risk of morning black ice.

Feb-11-10 04:00 pm
Category: Social

Will wrote:

It does not seem to be case sensitive.

I disagree. Sometimes it needs 3 or 4 tries.  This one pictured below failed and I had to reenter.  A pain to have to do a copy/save before each submit!

Feb-10-10 10:57 am
Category: Social

Renee Faison wrote:

Hi!!  may I have address to Cycle Sport?  thanks!

Simple Google search finds

Feb-08-10 04:13 pm
Category: Social

Under Day View the calendar shows

Category: #cccccc

I think the #cccccc is not reading correctly.

Feb-08-10 04:09 pm
Category: Social

The Rides Calendar shows ride details when you mouse-over a day for Week and Month View.
It should also indicate on the Year View that there are rides for that date and offer to display the rides.
Otherwise Year view is just a static calendar.

Look out the window and see lots of snow.  Your erstwhile ride leader has not had a chance to get beyond his immediate street, but imagines a lot of the scheduled ride is chancy.
So maybe once the next snowfall melts, you can all join up for the big President's Day Ride on Monday 15 February!!!

Feb-06-10 11:45 am
Sparks Rd. was closed as of last November; still closed?
Forum: Road Problems

jgoldst wrote:

Just wondering if Sparks Rd. is reopened yet. Not that it matters, since we won't be on our bikes again for who knows how long....

Sparks is still closed.
Looks like I may need to cancel the Tuesday MWP EmoryChurch ride given the call for more snow Tuesday.
I am hoping for a ride up Thornton to Padonia on Monday.
My neighborhood just plowed, but its still snowing current/lol

Worked for me yesterday in Firefox, but today its just html

Also please add a PROMINENT link to the current day's scheduled rides.

Feb-03-10 02:05 pm
OLD Ride Schedule missing February Rides
Category: Social wrote:

...As part of this upgrade existing rides for February, March and April could not easily be transferred to the current ride database. They now appear here under the 'Main Menu' item 'Old Ride Schedule' in the list format you are used to...

The Old Ride Schedule is not showing any rides from Sunday 14 February through March.

Instead there is a blue link which says "Read more...>>"
Easy to miss and looks like it is part of the last ride listed.  But if you click this link then you get to see the rest of the February rides (Also true for the March rides).  I think this is too confusing.  After the 13th it will appear there are no February rides on the old schedule page.  Better to place the entire article, regardless of page space consumed.

I recommend that ride leaders practice loading rides into the New Schedule Calendar.  Good practice and will help evolve the web site by revealing problems and suggestions for improvement.  Riders, you can find my rides on the New Ride Schedule.

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