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Jul-04-11 02:32 pm
Flatlands Event
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My rule for following a strange wheel - if the legs are shaved, then they are probably ok. If there is a bike related tattoo on the calf, then it's a guaranteed smooth ride.

Works most of the time.

Glad to see you're recovering!

Hey - I didn't say "hot". That would be something unbelievable, like the low 50's.

Today rain and ick. Tomorrow sun and warm!

I added "Teacher Bob's Old York Field Trip - Extra Credit version" (45 miles) to the calendar for 10:00 tomorrow. They're calling for snow on Thursday, so enjoy the clean(ish) roads while they're here! Fenders are probably something to think about...

Jan-30-11 02:48 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

It was a small but hardy group that showed up at Savage Mill this morning. There was myself, Renee Faison and Walt Russell to begin with. Later we would hook up with Sam Walters.

The ride was basically uphill for the first half and downhill(ish) for the last half, which was nice since we got warmed up quickly. And pleasantly, the roads were almost entirely clear of snow, slush, ice or water.

We slowly climbed out of the valley that Savage Mill is located in and headed generally towards Brighton Dam. By the time we crossed Rt. 108, the sun had come out and lit up a landscape of impossibly brilliant white. Unlike most snow, this one came in so thick that it hasn't really settled, and it's still sticking to the east sides of the trees. As we turned from Brighton Dam Road to Haviland Mill, we were moving almost due east and were looking at white snow trees rising out of a white landscape all backed by a brilliant blue sky.

We continued through this landscape for most of the rest of the ride. I was riding my commuter (30 pounds, but with fenders!) and would lag behind a bit on the hills. Renee kept me company as we watched Sam and Walt climb away from us. They would then wait a few seconds for us at the top of the hill and we'd continue on. So we stayed together as a group for the whole ride! Well, almost.

Old Columbia Road goes past the Rocky Gorge Reservoir as a series of dips and climbs, culminating with a reasonably steep and long pitch that takes you to the next turn on the cue sheet. As usual, Sam and Walt climbed ahead of us. Not as usual, they continued on after the crest, and were far enough away that they couldn't hear us yelling that they missed the turn. They weren't going to get lost. Sam knew the area, and they were actually heading back on a slightly more direct route, so I told Renee that we should just continue and see them back at the ride start.

After about 15-20 more minutes of riding, we pull into the parking lot. No Walt, No Sam. But we had all planned to meet at Bonaparte's, the french bakery in the Mill at the end of the ride anyway, so Renee and I headed there to wait.

We had just enough time to warm up, order and sit down when Walt and Sam came into view. They had managed to miss some turns and had wound up on route 1 for a stretch, bu had finally made it back. My guess is that they added 2-3 miles. But after some fresh cookies, tarts and coffee, no one seemed to care any more.

Hi All,

I added a ride out of Savage Mill for this Sunday. It's 35 miles, with a bakery at the end. This may be the best weather this week, so com on out! I'll be the guy on the 30 pound commuter with the fenders.

Jan-23-11 06:56 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Yep, props to Mike for leading this and getting me out of the house!

The loop of Illchester to Bonnie Branch made it a 36 mile ride for me. I swung past the pizza place on the way home but didn't see anyone in there. Did you all wind up going?

Jan-02-11 09:44 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I'll start:
Total - 7,295
Highest month: June - 904
Lowest month: Feb - 239 (But lots of shoveling...)


It looks like a heat wave coming, so I put in a 60 mile ride to Mt Airy in for Saturday. I might even pull out the new recumbent...

Sep-27-10 04:32 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Here's another article from the NYTimes along the same lines. Athletes who rinsed their mouths with a sucrose-laden drink (but did not swallow!) had a performance boost. … .html?_r=1

and also covered by the fantastic science program RadioLab here:


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