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Jan-20-19 07:31 am
Road bike gearing for better climbing
Category: Technical

In the past with 10 speed,I had to go 105 to get a long arm RD. With 11 speed I am not so sure. Check with your LBS.

After discussions with other BBC members, I have replaced the former pancake ride to Union Bridge from South Carroll HS with 2 rides from Howard County's Western Regional Park to Damascus.
Like many club members, I really missed the pancake rides and was trying to use these great routes again. Unfortunately, Union Bridge does not have a restaurant that seats more than 8 people. In the winter, that is a non-starter; you need an indoor rest stop. So I made the change.

On today's ride, I learned that the bridge from Syndersburg Rd onto Cape Horn is out. This detour will affect several club routes to Manchester.

I have substituted Streams, Valleys, and Markets for this Sunday. The MVM is too open for the temperature and wind combination. SVM is more protected from the 10-20 mile an hour winds predicted.
The leaves will look better next weekend also

Aug-12-18 05:05 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My apologies to those riders on today's ride for the errors. I missed the mistake on the Freeland turn. It should have been a right not left. The cue sheet has been corrected.
Hopefully, the bridge on Blooming Grove will soon be repaired and the detour will not be needed.

The trail surface was fine. But be aware of fallen trees. I had 6 trees down on the trail between Glencoe and Corbett. 3 trees partially blocked the trail and I could ride around them. The other 3 required a dismount and climbing over them. I would say be prepared for a cyclecross session on the trail. I can't believe they will have cleared the trail by the weekend.
BTW. I forgot to report that Hess Rd east of where Hutchins Mill intersects is also closed.

Hi All
Gary's Madonna Loop ride for Saturday will need a detour on the return. Upper Glencoe rd is closed due to flooding. I tried to ride it yesterday and could not; mud and high water stopped me. I went on the trail over to Corbett and encountered 6 trees blocking the trail; 3 required me to dismount and lift my bike over the trees. Backtracking on Corbett is the best bet.
Also Western Run from Western P&R is closed also

I wanted a few more miles than the ride rides offered for Sunday, so I have added the 47 mile New Freedom Hanover Loop ride with my own updated return. No killer steep hills but a few longer gentle grade hills. Come on up to New Freedom and leave the Oregon Ridge/ Meadowood rides for the weekdays.

The ride is still on. I believe we can get it in before rain this afternoon.

The ride is still on. I believe we can get it in before rain this afternoon.

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