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Mar-17-10 11:22 am
I'm not happy with the Forum and don't wish to lose the old Yahoo list
Category: Social

Hi Dan
I too am finding learning to use the forums takes time. Some things will require an extra step. But there is an upside to the forums also. Remember all that whining about reading emails about "my most recent wonderful ride experience"? Or all of the vendettas that would go on forever until Janet said enough? With the forums, you don't have to wade through those kinds of emails; you just don't subscribe to the topic. With BBCTalk, you did not have that option.
I am not saying that the forums in their current configuration are unchangeable. Look at what is happening to the ride schedule and ride cue sheet library. After two months with the new web site, significant changes at the request of those members who have used the web site and compared it with, the best of both have been rolled into the web site.
I would ask members to work with the forums and after a few months, if there are consistent problems, let the Board hear about them. We will make changes; the last two Board meetings spent a considerable amount of time looking at the web site and making changes mostly in the ride schedule. If the forums need revisions, we can ask Will to provide the programming.
Ed Cahill

To anyone leading the PA Puddle Jumper (short 42 mile version) for the coming year, be aware that the bridge over I-83 is out on Ridge View .The cue sheet millage is 22.8 to turn Left onto Ridge View. My suggested detour is to turn Left at Forest (mile 22) not Right--TRO Rt 216. At the bottom of the hill, turn Right TRO Rt 216. When Rt 216 T's into Susquehanna Trail, turn R. Then in about a half mile turn L onto Glen Rock Rd. The distance is close to the original route but has more traffic.
Ed Cahill

Mar-03-10 10:37 am
selling two Calfee bikes
Category: Technical

I have two 58 cm Calfee Tetra Pros for sale. I will sell them as a complete bike (Campy Chorus 10 speed) or frames with parts. Both in excellent condition. One is Emerald  Green and the other is Cabernet. Both models are in current production by Calfee. Price is negotiable. A new Calfee Tetra Pro frame goes for about $2.5K.
I have moved to Giant Bikes with "compact" frames. Local buyer only; will not ship.
contact: Ed Cahill or cell 410-375-3247

This ride will go if the roads are passable. This ride was just posted (2/24/10) in the new ride schedule as well as already being posted in the Old Ride Schedule. There was some confusion by one of the club members as to whether the ride was still on since it did not appear in the new ride schedule (until I posted it today).
I would suggest to all of the ride leaders who are leading rides in March and April and have posted them only on cuesheetcentral, also post them in the "New Ride Schedule" on our website to avoid any confusion.
I will be out of town and will not be able to lead the ride; Phil Feldman has agreed to sub for me as ride leader--Thanks Phil!
Ed Cahill

Team BBC1 needs a replacement team member. If you are planning on attending this year's Bike VA and would like to have the "team" discount, please email me. My email address is
Ed Cahill

I drove the route this morning; the roads are all rideable. The roads that have shoulders have cleared shoulders. There are some icey patches but there are easy to avoid. The cautions for this ride are poor visibility for some turns but mostly it is the grit and gravel. Be careful in the turns and on the sharp curves. I rode my bike today in Ellicott City; the road conditions are similar in PA. Be sure to have good rubber on your wheels and be prepared to get messy as you will ride through wet patches on the road.
You can down load the cue sheet from cuesheetcentral. I will have copies of course to hand out. If you down load the cue sheet, check off that the sign for Rennol at mile 21.6 is missing.
There is a snack stop at mile 25 in Shrewsbury. Some of us will probably go a little further to Moby's Pizza place for a sit down lunch.
See you tomorrow.

Feb-19-10 06:49 pm
Fate of cuesheet central?
Category: Social

Fate of cuesheetcentralI

looked at your applet and it looked good. However, it may not be needed. At the February Board meeting last night, Phil Feldman--CSC's developer and Will Hudson--the new website developer went over how to integrate CSC's best attributes into the new website. As soon as a change is made to our server (getting a shell account) and as soon as the programming is completed (by April), the new website's ride schedule will have mobile phone capability, email notification, search function, and eventually the ability to go to the club library and copy a ride into the ride schedule (csc's "Lead!" button).
Phil plans to keep CSC going although it may have different future.
Phil and Will update us all as progress is made in this area.
Ed Cahill
BBC Secretary

Feb-17-10 05:24 pm
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social

I have no problem with several club librarians; it is a big job and I am sure Gene Bayer would love to have some help. Perhaps having several members hare the work would encourage more volunteers.
The club has a CD of rides that date from the club's beginning; I have my own library going back to the 80's. Almost all of these rides are useless due to road and housing construction changes in our area. The acquiring, updating and maintaining rides is a very large job.
The advent of GPS bike computers that can store routes will also have to be addressed. I will ride the Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour in August. The route is posted on and can be downloaded into a GPS bike computer. Our cue sheets will need to be put into a file that can be downloaded to stay current with technology.
The Board will review the website on the next meeting. I will suggest that the cue sheet library also be re-evaluated in terms of updating and increasing the nuymber of rides. Multiple librarians seems like a good idea to me.
BTW, I have looked at the library as it sits in the new website. I like using Google maps to locate the ride start. What I miss that is in CSC is the ability to copy the ride to the ride schedule by clicking on the "Lead It" button. It is a great time saver and the ride details are accurate since I don't have to retype them myself.
One idea that I have floated at the Board meeting (and has been punctured there) is a contest for the best new ride in each ride category each year. If anyone thinks that this is a good idea and wants to develop it, let me or anyone on the Board know.

Ed CAhill

Feb-17-10 03:39 pm
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social

I agree with Will. On CSC, only the author of a ride or Phil could edit/remove a ride. The hard part is contacting someone who has editorial control when you find a mistake in a cue sheet. Some rides have authors that are not in the club any more or there is no author. Phil could be hard to contact at times also.
What is needed, of course, is a club librarian who has editorial rights to correct cue sheets that have mistakes or more likely makes changes because of construction changes to a road. It is a very important job and too much for the web site administrator. One of the impediments to new members leading a ride is anxiety about a route. A full cue sheet libraries with rides in the Baltimore area, would be a help to increasing the number of rides available.
Any volunteers?

Ed Cahill

Feb-16-10 10:50 am
Fate of cuesheet central?
Category: Social

Hi Phil
I was writing my email as you were writing yours. The Board will be making the future of CSC an agenda item. Will is going to be asked to attend the meeting on March 11. I personally think that there are too many features of CSC that work very well to shut it down. As I said in my previous post, using CSC  as 2nd Portal to the ride schedule, seems like a good idea for this transition phase an dhopefully some of its' best features could be incorporated into the new ride schedule. Perhaps you could talk with Will or even come to the March 11 Board meeting to brainstorm some ideas.

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