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Use caution when making a left from Tufton onto Greenspring at the new roundabout.  Some cars coming into the circle (from your right) on Eastbound Worthington have sped thru as if they had the right of way, instead of yielding to traffic already in the circle.  I've seen this on my bike and in my car as well.  Maybe the yield instructions are not clear or the drivers are unaccustomed to roundabouts.  Better safe than sorry.

It was a great day out on our bikes.  Very nice group and excellent Re-groups, too.  The ride had everything-- the only thing Stevie Z didn't mention was the up-hills, but since we like riding this area so much, we obviously appreciate those, shall we say, "non-flat" roads!  Also thanks to Mary Ellen for the baked goodies--even hot coffee and cider before AND after the ride.  A lot of preparation went into it and I think m.e. has raised the bar for all ride-leaders. :-)  Thanks again.

Sounds like LBJ turning down the Presidential nomination in 1968....more importantly, it snowed 11 inches in Colorado last night, and more on the way.... just in  time!

Come on out for a nice ride to keep our condition up.  Not quite as difficult as Tuesday's high-spirited pace with some brief regrouping.  It's more fun to ride together. 

MWP : 47 Miles (2600 Ft) : Ride to Lees Mill Rd. Usual hills and rollers. Start Tally Ho to Thornton to Padonia/Broadway, and return Park Hts to Hillside. Snack at mile 28 - High's on Rt 30.

Weekday riders,
I have posted a ride for a beautiful, Spring-like Thursday.  Nice day expected following Wednesday's deluge.  Temp at the start at Meadowood Park is 56 with wind of 12 from the West.  We start TallyHo-Thornton to Padonia-Broadway.  Returning via Bonita, Park Heights, Hillside.   There will be some brief regrouping as needed w/ a snack stop at Highs on Rt.30 at 27.8 miles. Wind from the west will really fly us home. 

The same goes for me, Carol.  Keep it up.  In fact, everyone in the group is riding well considering it is still February.  So far we have lucked out with the mild winter (knock on wood).  (I hope I don't get us all punished for saying that!)   ;-)

Hey Tuesday riders-- it was a good day to ride yesterday!  And Steve: Excellent ride, and nice group-- as usual.  Thanks.


Ed and Steve and Phil,
You have done excellent work-- and quick too-- since the monthly club meeting Suzie and I attended.  I am very impressed with your thoroughness.  I also want to thank Phil for his brainchild --CUESHEETCENTRAL -- AND FOR HIS TIME AND EFFORT IN PROVIDING US A WONDERFUL TOOL.   I think I speak for all the BBC members when I thank you for all you do.

Regards, Roger Knable

Ed,  I'll be there.
   Roger Knable

Feb-02-10 08:04 pm
Groundhog's Day sighting
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Forum: Ride Reports

It was a very nice group.  Almost ran out of cuesheets. A good time was had by all.  We did see horses, deer, a fox, some cold geese, some crows, but no groundhogs.current/cool  Thanks to Steve Z, our ride leader "extraordinaire"


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