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Gunpowder Road is currently milled from Falls Road to Beckleysville Road. They were working on the section north of Beckleysville yesterday.


I think your first suggestion is the right one:  the Lions Club Park at Old Hanover Rd in Union Mills.

https://silverrununionmillslions.weebly … sales.html

This is the park from which all the Corn Roast Rides now start. We start at this park and afterwards walk across the bridge to Union Mills.

We call this start, incorrectly it would seem, "UMH - Union Mills Homestead".  So maybe you should change the current cue sheets to start at "Old Hanover Park Pavilion".

Feb-05-17 03:05 pm
Rider injured during Meadowood ride on 2/5/17
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Greg: rider is Jim Mayhew. Wife has been notified and is on her way to the hospital. This is from the ride leader.

We go up to Prettyboy by some different roads.  Weather looks fine for tomorrow. See you tomorrow.  This ride is in the cue library under the name "Beckleysville to Spooks"

I am posting this for a friend--former BBC member.  The full specs and pictures are on Craigslist:

There are barriers around the wooden bridge right off of Falls Road. As of today, you can walk your bike through the barriers but it looks like they are getting ready to replace the bridge.


Road work complete. Great surface beginning to end.

Aug-10-15 08:39 am
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Hi Janet

The porta-potty was never removed. It is just further back on the same road it was always on. It is behind the building and can't be seen until you go back there.

Jun-16-15 05:42 pm
Some greenery scenery
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Them link worked for me.

Just put your cursor over the words:

"a link to some pictures"

and they become the link. Click away.

Looks like great riding country up there.

I would assume that the short, obvious detour would be well marked.

Continue on Beckleysville Road to Kidds School House, Kidds School House to Spooks Hill and you are back on the cue.

I don't think it necessary to even modify the cue sheet for such a small detour.

That's my two cents....

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