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What happened? Did somebody in the club contact you off-forum and say something to you?  What are you reacting to?  I am just baffled at what is going on.
I don't know if there is any substance here. I often lead "impromptu" rides for the club.  I scheduled them through the calendar system and usually posted them to the old forum. It worked fine.  People showed up. We had a good time. I never had to preach about helmet usage. I did always use a sign up sheet. I did not use the sign up sheet because of legal reasons. I like to have the names and emergency phone numbers of the people on 'my" ride. I think it is good if someone has this information; it might as well be me. 
I would suggest you stop worrying about lawyers and ignore those who tell you to worry about them. 
my two cents


Mar-23-10 06:25 pm
A lot of us have the same "names" or murky names for our postings
Category: Social

I found a more elegant solution. (There is are a lot of bells and whistles on this website!)

Go to the Forums, go to "Users", go to "My Profile", go to "Personality" not "Personal" and put your name and e-mail in the "SIgnature" box.

(the software would not allow me to put in a Hot link type email address so I put in the next best thing.  It will do.  I don't have to remember to do it each time. )

This way people who want to contact you off line can use this email to do so--and because your name is there they might know who they are contacting--and if your picture is your avatar--and you have your helmet on--then they WILL know who they are contacting.

Notice my "Signature" in this post. I did not have to type that in.

Mar-23-10 03:15 pm
A lot of us have the same "names" or murky names for our postings
Category: Social

Looking at postings on the web, I cannot tell who the poster is easily. The name of the poster that is displayed is the "user name" he used to create the account.  Such a user name can be of no use in identifying who is doing the posting.  (My user name happens to be "Ed Hopkins", but who is "Mary"  current/sad or who is "rkbike1"  current/tongue  I have no clue.)  (love those smiley faces...)

One solution that seems to work for those who are reading forums on the web is to go into your "My Profile" under "Users" and then to "Personal" (not "personality") and fill in the "Title" with your name so that people can tell who you are.  (Do not forget to "Submit" your changes to your profile.)

This seems to work OK for the web. Others might have a more elegant solution.


Mar-23-10 02:40 pm
Almost Everyone has the same avatar. Really boring!
Category: Social

I like reading the new forum on the web. It is vastly better formatted and on the web I can easily enter a quick response and pop in a smiley face. current/lol 

Did you know you can add an Avatar to your postings so your character, personality and identity will be immediately recognizable to everyone? 

Go to Forums, and in the main Forum Bar, pull down the menu under "Users": Select "My Profile"  when in your profile go to your "Personality"  upload an interesting photo that displays your personality/character/interests... current/roll  current/yikes

I like those Avatars which show the person behind the posting--though I did not do that myself.  It is nice to be able to say: "Oh, that's who it is."



I think we have to manually figure out that you are actually a member of the club. That is being done by hand now. I don't know how long it will take, I don't know how many people registered today due to BBC talk being shut down.


Mar-22-10 02:26 pm
B'More Streets Meeting - March 25, 2010, 7-8:30 PM
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

B'More Streets Meeting - March 25, 2010, 7-8:30 PM

I am posting this message for Carol Silldorff of One Less Car.

I do this a different way. I go to google maps, the go into "My Maps" and then "create new map."  Then I select the Place Marker tool and put a marker exactly where I want to get the coordinates. Name it with the name you want to use for it: "Shopping Center Parking lot" or whatever.

Then, and this is the key step, select this point, right click and "Center your map here".  At this point you can go "Link" button--at the upper right of the map and capture the "email" or "IM" link. This is the exact string you want to paste into your ride start location when filling in your description of the cue sheet in the cue sheet library.

note: I use some of the available HTML tools to keep this message from collapsing into one long, indigestible text message.  (Do you remember how my messages for today/tomorrow rides looked? that is how yours look--but you never get to see them because the software does not send you your own posts.

Renee and other ride leaders posting a ride at the last minute:

I would urge you to both give a message as Renee did AND to put your ride in the calendar.  The calendar is slick: it only takes a minute to put a ride in.  Some riders might be checking the ride schedule by looking at the ride calendar or by looking at the home page of the web site. 

Did you know you can see the rides scheduled for the day both here:

and here

as well as on the calendar itself?

my thoughts

Bookmark this location and go here to see upcoming rides:

I will not be sending out further today/tomorrow rides. Eventually the web site will be enhanced to do this. You will have the option of receiving or not receiving this today/tomorrow ride message.

The following is an automatically generated message from the new BBC website and calendar.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

13 - 15 mph - 9:30 am - 39 mi - Kent Morey 410 685 1556 ()
START: GSS Greenspring Station
Beautiful rolling ride with a couple of hills. Rest stop at mile 24, Butler Road Store. Day of ride cell: Kent @ 443-562-2886.

15 -17 & 18 mph - 9:30 am - 54 mi - Mike Harris 443-912-2016 morn. of ri (
START: EFS: Ellicott City
Not to be confused with the BBC library's Ellicott City to Mt. Airy ride. I've routed the ride to go thru Sykesville for some hills, then to Woodbine (more gratuitous hills) and on to Mt. Airy. Lunch will be served at J & P resturant. At mile 43 your lunch legs will be pulizered on Roxbury Rd. Then sweet relief as you cruise on back to Ellicott City via Folly Quarter Rd. and onto the Bagel Bin.

10-12 mph - 10:00 am - 36 mi - Bob Seay - Carol Gardiner 301-490-6521 (410-242-6929 )
START: MSM - Marley Station Mall
Flat ride: 1/2 road, 1/2 trail to Sandy Point State Park. Lunch at Red Hot & Blue. 26 mile option available. Ride Leaders: Bob Seay 410-242-6929 and Carol Gardiner 301-490-6521

15 -17 & 18 mph - 10:00 am - 62 mi - Murray Schrotenboer 814 784 5000 (
START: Grouseland. Purcell, PA
START: Grouseland. Purcell, PA for directions. 105 miles from Beltway and I-70 3 state Metric, 7,000' climb. Rest stop is in beautiful Berkeley Springs WV. Excellent vistas. 3 mountain climbs. Will put on another ride on Sunday for those who want to make a weekend out of it. late note: I did an easier version of this ride yesterday and it was glorious. The views are spectacular. The weather looks good for this weekend. You won't regret the extra driving. We will be doing our 3 state metric although you can also do a 55 mile version removing 2 mountains or a 49 miler and no mountains (sort of). Those who laugh at mountains can add the additional 40 mile loop to make it our 4 state Century. If we get enough folks we will also support our easy metric with only one 800' climb at an average of 12% grade and 58mph downhill on Sunday. Time to get out of the same old ride rut. Free beer afterward! To get to Grouseland: Take I-70 west to Hancock, stay on it north into PA, get off at exit 163, left at the end of the exit ramp and follow over the highway. Right onto McKees Gap Rd. stay on it for 5 miles till it ends. Left at T, Grouseland is 2 miles on the right. We are only 7.5 miles off I-70 Our address is 467 Robinsonville Rd. Clearville PA but we caution against using your GPS to find us. It will be very confused with most of the road names mislabel including Robinsonville Rd. You can call me at 814 784 5000 for help.

Casual - 10:00 am - 25 mi - Bud Lippert 410.686.8504 (essexknight)
START: WPP- Wilson Point Community Park
Mostly flat ride through the waterfront communities of Wilson Point, Hopkins Creek, Hawthorne. Some rolling hills through Aero Acres, north Essex, Victory Villa. Sr 43 bikepath is part of the route. Several regroup stops along the trip. Day of ride 443.570.0542

Sunday, March 21, 2010

15 - 17 mph - 8:00 am - 102 mi - Bob Wagner (
START: Botanical Conservatory at MD Zoo
The March Rando Ramble makes a big loop NW from the MD Zoo through the Patapsco Valley to historic Libertytown,MD, a lunch in New Windsor and home through the beautiful Carroll Co. farmland. There are breaks at 25 and 75 mile points and a 79 mile short route option. read this before riding: More info here: web link:

10-12 mph - 10:00 am - 33 mi - Ken Philhower 410 437 0309 (
START: Odenton MARC Station east parking lot. From Baltimore, take I-95 or MD 295 South to I-195 East. Take Exit 1B - Rt. 170 South toward Odenton. Go 7.5 mi. and turn Right on Odenton Rd. (1 block past Rt. 175) Go 0.3 mi. to MARC station parking lot.
Easy, fairly flat ride from Odenton to Annapolis; return by same route. Lunch at the Annapolis City Dock.

10-12 mph - 10:00 am - 31 mi - Gloria Epstein 410/665-3012 (
START: RUN Runnymede E.S.
Variation on Walt & Carol's fabulous ride to Littlestown for lunch/snack. Traffic is light, and terrain is mostly gentle. Combined with 13/15 mph group.

13 - 15 mph - 10:00 am - 37 mi - Rich Burns 410-433-4162 (
START: RUN - Runnymede E.S.
Variation on Walt & Carol's fabulous ride to Littlestown for lunch/snack. Traffic is light and terrain is mostly gentle; combined start with 10/12 mph group.

15 - 17 mph - 10:00 am - 44 mi - Mike Craig 410-715-5553 (
START: Hopkins Place Shopping Center
Crofton to Galesville: A BBC favorite.


Add a ride when you want!

Go here: … ;Itemid=92

You must be registered on this new site and signed in to add a ride! 

Click on the "Add a Ride" button and add your ride.

After adding your ride, look at the "List View Format" of the Calendar to make sure that you successfully entered (or modified) your ride!!

The new calendar is the only calendar now being kept up to date.  This listing is generated by selecting the tab "List View Format" under "Ride Schedule" on the new web site:

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