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If you want a tcx file for tomorrow's (Sunday's) picnic ride, there is one in the cue library, bundled with the cue sheet. The name of the bundle is:

Two Taverns BBC 2014 Picnic Special 16&Over Ride

We roll out tomorrow at 8:15. The weather is looking good!

Jun-26-14 01:03 pm
questions about how to do all of this stuff
Category: Social

I pre-rode the Three Quarry ride a few weeks ago, found one change I had to make. It was a change that threw off all the subsequent mileage.

So I had to redo the cue sheet and I wanted to redo it with mapping software. 

I wanted to import the route as ridden and have software automatically produce a cue sheet with the right turns. I could find no program to do this. I looked at, and

So I took the path of creating the cue sheet in the program. Plot it point by point. It shows the mileage and produces the map.

Both maymyride and ridewithgps automatically produced the cue sheet as I drew the route on the map. (Bikely did not).

Looking at the cue sheets produced automatically, I decided to use ridewithgps.  It worked ok.  It is not perfect. It does not produce cue entries for the crossing of major roads—as we usually note on our BBC cue sheets.  I found I had to do a lot of editing of the cue sheet produced to make it useable. (I loaded it into an excel spread sheet and mucked with it there.)

Then I found an old excel BBC cue sheet, copied over the “BBC” header and produced something that looks ok.  (It does not look as good as the beautiful, very readable cue sheets produced by Chris Tsien. (I used to have one of his sheets—but it is gone now.)

What do other people use?   

What is the best model for a cue sheet ? (Chris: could you post one of yours and talk about how you do it? font, size, etc.)  I like Steve Zeldin’s cue sheets very much as well.

GPS Files: since I pre-rode this ride, I do have a tcx and gpx file for the ride. I used to combine the .gpx file with the pdf cue sheet in a zip file and upload the zip file to the cue library. (I assume this still works with the new website.)  The new ride entry form has a place for a pointer to the .tcx file.  It makes sense to put the gps file with a ride as well as with the cue sheet itself in the cue library. I probably will do both.

Anybody have better, different ways of adding the gps files?  (and which should we be using anyhow?)

Oct-01-13 06:48 pm
Anyone have one?
Category: Social

Thom Lieb wrote:

Unfortunately, the cue sheet does not seem to be in the library

Thom: I just looked in the cue library, searched for "Civil War" and found it. It is there. 

But I would suggest that you try to get the Volunteer version of the Civil War century--which has rest stops--as I remember--that are places where you can get food. (The Civil War Century rest stops will not be there...)

Anybody have the volunteer version that Steve could put in the cue library?  (Or maybe I am wrong in thinking that it had real food stops.)

Aug-23-13 08:32 am
Topic: Sad news
cycle accident death
Category: Social

The Washington Post reports that the cyclist was struck from behind:

Post Story

From the Post article:

As the popular athlete and Annapolis High School track coach neared the shaded top of that hill on her bicycle Wednesday evening, she was hit from behind by a Honda van whose driver was eager to get around the lone cyclist.

Cunningham, 50, was formally pronounced dead at a hospital, but a passing doctor who rushed to try to help her said she died on Riva Road, an Anne Arundel County road southwest of Annapolis that is popular with cyclists.

Police drew a preliminary conclusion that the driver, Whitney Anne Decesaris, 37, of Huntingtown, Md., was at fault. They said that alcohol and speed were not factors. Asked whether distracted driving might have played a role, police said the investigation is continuing.

Steve's away, we still have to ride!

Cue sheet is "Prettyboy via PA" in cue library.

This ride starts at Oregon Ridge and shoots
up to PA, staying on back roads as much as
possible. It uses some seldom used roads
as it approaches the state line--Graves Run
Road and Shaffer Mill Road--stops at
Rutters store for a break and then comes
back though the secluded roads on the
north side of the Prettyboy watershed area.
Lots of woods and shade. Plenty of
climbing: 4550 feet.

Rain is possible on Tuesday. I will post any
changes or a cancellation by 7:30 Tuesday

Jun-14-13 02:46 pm
Garmin files
Category: Social


We HAVE a library that accepts Garmin files now.  Look at my "Thurmont Medium" ride. I have packaged together a cue sheet with the Garmin file and uploaded them both as a zip file. (The Library accepts zip files--but probably not naked .gpx files.)

I think everyone one who can should add a Garmin file to their cue sheet. I see no reason to have a separate library. Lets just use the one we have.

my two cents


Oct-29-12 10:48 am
Estimate Made On October 26, 2012
Category: Social


So what is the bottom line? Are you going to wuss out from cycling for a few days?  Steve has a ride scheduled for tomorrow.  It is a practice-for-global-warming-weather ride. I am sure he will not cancel. Are you not coming out?

I have put my wind tires on and am ready to go.

Traffic should be very light.


Aug-23-12 08:48 pm
Need to convert Civil War Century cue sheets to GPS format
Category: Social
Forum: Volunteers


By GPS format I assume you mean into a gpx file. Why not have some of the people on the volunteer ride give you these files. I will be glad to do one for the century--which I assume goes the same route as the official century. Are there volunteer  rides for the other routes?  Maybe yoo can get them all on the volunteer ride day and them put them on the web site to down load ahead of time. People will, of course, have to riding with some kind of gps device: Garmin Edge...

Or have I got it wrong about what you want?


Getting tired of doing that same old ride to Snickerdoodles every weekend. Then ... Do something different.

Join us on a rolling ride on the Thurmont plateau. We look at the mountains but do not go into them.

This ride has some of my favorite stretches of road on it. There will be regrouping at several points. There is a  food/water stop 1/2 way through.

The cue library has a zip file containing  a .xls, pdf, jpg, and gpx file.  (The name of the cue is: "Thurmont Medium.")

The ride start is waaaaay out there almost to Taneytown. Allow yourself time to get there and be ready to roll at 8.

Jul-21-12 08:39 am
Category: Social

Bob--sing in to the BBC site. Go to the ride calendar. Click on your ride. Select "Edit" and then modify the title so that "Cancelled" is the first word.

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