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Jul-05-12 04:35 pm
Category: Social


Just look at the weather forecast.!!   Heat warnings are always there. 

There is no such thing as a surprise heat event; these events are forecast many days in advance. You can see them coming.

NOAA does have standards that it uses for putting these out and you can study them if you wish in the reference I give below.

My take on this: if there is an heat advisory or excessive heat warning in effect at the time of and location of your ride, either start your ride early enough so that you are off the road before it goes into effect or cancel your ride. 

And to put it out there as clearly as possible: Riding when it is too hot is not manly; it does not show your love of cycling; it is just plain dumb.  Stay cool and ride another day.  (I just ride early: I will be out at 7 am  tomorrow.)

Looking at today's weather forecast, Baltimore is on "excessive heart warning" as of 1:43 today. Butler, further out from the city, is on "heat advisory" as of 1:43 today.

Look at the following for more information on all of this stuff:

Note the following from the above concerning heat and the older population (The BBC is generally an older population.)

The Hazards of Excessive Heat

When the body heats too quickly to cool itself safely, or when you lose too much fluid or salt through dehydration or sweating, your body temperature rises and heat-related illness may develop. Heat disorders share one common feature: the individual has been in the heat too long or exercised too much for his or her age and physical condition.

Studies indicate that, other things being equal, the severity of heat disorders tends to increase with age. Conditions that cause heat cramps in a 17-year-old may result in heat exhaustion in someone 40 years old, and in heat stroke in a person over 60. Sunburn, with its ultraviolet radiation burns, can significantly retard the skin's ability to shed excess heat. Acclimatization has to do with adjusting sweat-salt concentrations, among other things. The idea is to lose enough water to regulate body temperature, with the least possible chemical disturbance--salt depletion.


And for those who ride in the heat or lead rides in the heat they should be aware of the signs of heat illness and know how to treat them.  (Actually I would like to see all ride leaders with some first aid training, but it is hard enough to get volunteers now.)

HEAT CRAMPS: Painful spasms usually in the muscles of legs and abdomen with heavy sweating. First Aid: Firm pressure on cramping muscles or gentle massage to relieve spasm. Give sips of water. If nausea occurs, discontinue water.

HEAT EXHAUSTION: Heavy sweating; weakness; cold, pale, clammy skin; thready pulse; fainting and vomiting but may have normal temperature. First Aid: Get victim out of sun. Once inside, the person should lay down and loosen his or her clothing. Apply cool, wet cloths. Fan or move victim to air conditioned room. Offer sips of water. If nausea occurs, discontinue water. If vomiting continues, seek immediate medical attention.

HEAT STROKE (or sunstroke): High body temperature (106° F or higher), hot dry skin, rapid and strong pulse, possible unconsciousness. First Aid: HEAT STROKE IS A SEVERE MEDICAL EMERGENCY. SUMMON EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE OR GET THE VICTIM TO A HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY. DELAY CAN BE FATAL. While waiting for emergency assistance, move the victim to a cooler environment reduce body temperature with cold bath or sponging. Use extreme caution. Remove clothing, use fans and air conditioners. If temperature rises again, repeat process. Do NOT give fluids. Persons on salt restrictive diets should consult a physician before increasing their salt intake.

Other opinions or other advice?  This stuff is important to discuss.  It looks like this is going to be a hot summer.

so it looks like an easy detour, if you are going north, is left on Benson Mill, Right on Dobbs and then hit Yehoo and continue north.

Coming south you can do the same detour and get some good hills thrown in as a bonus.

Its too hot out there, folks....

I will reschedule this for later in the summer.

This will be a slightly modified (improved?) version of the ordinary Snickerdoodle ride.  It still has the fast return--and of course it still stops for fuel at Snickerdoodles bakery.

We roll off the parking lot at 8.

Jun-15-12 08:41 am
Category: Social


Probably because it is entered as an "event" not a "ride".  I think this used to be entered as a ride at every level to more or less blanket the "next two days" ride report.

Starts at 8:30 from Oregon Ridge.

Hilly and beautiful ride up across Prettyboy dam and then swinging to the east.  Great rural roads.

Brief rest stop at mile 15, another at 28.

There will be periodic regrouping. This will be a social 16+ ride.

(there is a detour on the ride--so the cue is not identical to the one in the cue library.)

May-18-12 04:38 pm
Category: Social

My Trek Madone 5.2  (2008) was stolen out of my garage between 1 and 2 today. It is "carbon" -- grayish black--in color and has red pedals and new red wrapping on the handle bars. it also has a new smallish Bontrager storage pack hanging under the seat.

Police reports filed, etc. Insurance is in the process of being contacted.

I live at the South End of Johns Hopkins University in the city.  Keep you eyes open if you live in this area.

Serial Number/ VIN:  WTu283TI29C

bummed completely....

Apr-26-12 11:10 am
Topic: E Bikes
Electric assisted bikes
Category: Social

My two cents:  I think an e bike would be fine.  I think trikes and quads fine too.  What the heck we have recumbents and riders with aero bars now.

I expect to see people coming out in these

sometime in the near future.

This is my 2 cents in that I can not give "official" club policy--but I know of no club policy on this and would urge the club to be wide open here.

Apr-19-12 09:49 am
Bike Maryland is working to strengthen the 3 foot law
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy


This is my last word on this.  (Feel free to email me off group if you wish to continue.)

I have to point out that you have not answered the ONLY question I posed to you:

Why do you think cyclist misbehavior and cyclist education are CONNECTED TO the issue of motorists running over cyclists?  This series of post began with a discussion of the 3 foot rule and YOU--not me--brought in the issue of cyclist misbehavior, expanding it in your last post to cyclist education.  Why do you think the issues of cyclist misbehavior and the need of cyclist  education are RELEVANT to the issue of motorists running down cyclists? I assume you thought they had some connection to each other:  tell me what you think that connection is.

Of course, I think the issue of cyclist education is important. Such education will save cyclists' lives. I also think there is an issue about cyclists running red lights and stop signs in the city. I think the following blog post from another gives the only reasonable solution to this problem. … f-the.html

But these issues are not connected to or relevant to the problem of motorists running down cyclists. 

There is a belief in the cycling community that cyclists should be more polite and law abiding to motorists SO THAT the motorists will not get angry at cyclists and run them over.  Maybe this is what you think the connection between the issues is--but I don't want to speculate more on what you believe. Just tell us. 

I personally think that there is no connection between motorists running over cyclists and cyclist behavior.  I think the ONLY way to make roads safer for cyclists is to pass laws like the 3 foot law and have more bike lanes and educate motorists about them and enforce these laws.  Nothing else will help. Being sweeter and nicer to motorists will not help.  (But of course one should be sweet and nice to motorists and to everyone one.)

I strongly support the efforts of Bike Maryland to get laws passed that constrain motorists and Bike Marylands' efforts to get these laws enforced.  I see this as the only path forward -- as far as protecting cyclists from motorists is concerned.

Apr-18-12 11:50 am
Bike Maryland is working to strengthen the 3 foot law
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Lindsay Sweet wrote:

I do hope that Dr. Love plans to also do a study on the negative behavior of bicycists in this same exact area.

These cyclists who engage in "negative behavior" definitely irritate some motorists.  No doubt about it.  The motorists, on the other hand, seriously injure and kill cyclists. 

These are wholly different issues and are in no way connected!!

Motorists are irritated by other motorists, by delays due to parts of the Jones Falls Expressway being closed, by pedestrians who cross the street where they shouldn't, by news on the radio about this or that, by what their spouse says to them on the phone while they are driving distractedly, The list goes on and on.  And those crazy cyclists are definitely on the list of things that tick them off.

And irritated motorists are definitely a public hearth issue. Aggressive driving is the cause of many accidents and deaths.

But none of this is related to protecting cyclists from motorists which the Maryland 3 foot law was designed to do.

Why would anyone even mention these two things together?  What were you thinking Lindsay?  Do they think that the rude behavior of a few cyclists justifies other cyclists getting run down by cars?  Do you think it is ok or understandable that cyclists get killed by cars because there are rude and impolite cyclists?  Is it OK for a motorist to run down a cyclist if a bike messenger has just zoomed in front of him upsetting him?  None of this has to do with "respect"; it is about life and death.

This is a plea to completely disconnect these issues and focus on the issue of protecting cyclists by laws--which Bike Maryland is trying to do.

On the study itself done by the Hopkins group, I am sorry that it is not a comparative study which gives some sense of whether the 3 foot law has made things better or worse.  The study can function as a base line though and will be useful as such.

I wish that the study had been done also on more rural roads where the BBC club rides take place.  Just how bad are things out there?  I get passed too closely quite often.  It does not seem to me that the 3 foot law has had any effect yet.  (I did not expect to have an effect yet. It has not been incorporated into the Maryland driver education and it is not being enforced. It will take time.)

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