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Advocacy on the Patapsco River Ride

On August 10, 2013, there were nine on this 13-15 mph ride starting at Catonsville's new bike shop, The Hub/C'ville Bikes. We rode into and out of the Patapsco River Valley three times through leafy suburbs, quiet country roads, Leakin Park, and city streets.

The photo was taken at mile 32 at the Baltimore City-County line on Edmondson Avenue where the city bike lane abruptly ends.  The Western County Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Plan promises new striping and signage, yet the work hasn't yet been done. 

The photo was sent to Kathy Schlabach, chief of the Strategic Planning Div. in the County Dept. of Planning, and to 1st District Councilman Quirk. Their response is that no contractor has bid on the work, and that negotiations are in progress with an existing one. Let's hope it gets done before the snow flies!