Cue Sheet Library

Cue Sheet Librarian: Steve Zeldin,

File Download Instructions:

There are two ways to find cue sheets; you may browse respective county folders for the ride length you desire or you can select 'Search Repository'.  In either case when you select a particular file you will see the ride details so you can decide if you wish to download it.  If you want to return to a previous page use your browser's back button.

When you search the repository you can type in your word or phrase and filter your results by deselecting any of the checked search fields or categories to include.


The file upload privilege is for registered BBC members only. Registered non-members may view and download files only.

The cue sheet repository is divided into five counties and each county has a folder for rides under 50 miles and over 50+ miles (if the ride is 50 miles exactly put it in over 50 miles - someone always gets lost). When uploading cue sheets please be sure you select the correct ride start county and ride length folder.

File Upload Instructions:

  1. Select "Submit" above.
  2. For "New File" select "Browse" to navigate to the file you wish to upload from your computer.
  3. Select the correct county and distance from the "Start County & Distance" drop down menu.
  4. Fill in a simple title for your ride.
  5. Fill in the ride start location using the BBC abbreviation and/or specific start location.
  6. Your user name or real name for author.
  7. Ride distance.
  8. Provide a brief description of the ride in the "Description" text pane. Please mention the most important highlights first (lunch, terrain, etc.) so when people search rides they can see that information since the first 150 characters will only be visible when browsing files.
  9. Click on "Submit File" at the bottom. You will then receive a confirmation you are done.