East Meets West: Finland 2016


Evie & Mike Reinsel loved their cycling trip in Finland this past summer, especially the terrific and unique accommodations they were able to get each day.  Just one example was historic “Herrasmanni,” nestled in a lush forest—flush with wild berries and mushrooms for the picking, and right along the “ox” road, the oldest road in Finland.  Read their article for more details about their Finnish adventure. 

Barcelona to Madrid in 2016

Recently two BBC members joined two other adventurers for a cycling expedition across Spain. Read Stuart Bonning's summary of the trip and see more photos in this BBC article.   


Greencastle Great Escape: 2016 Edition

The second annual Greencastle Great Escape drew a 50 percent increase in registered riders over the previous year, with many new faces among the participants. At first it looked like the weather was going to put a damper on our riding, but – once again – we managed to dodge the bullet and enjoyed three glorious days of cycling in south central Pennsylvania's beautiful Cumberland Valley. Read more about the riding, food, and fun in Phil Manger's article. 


2016 Kent County Spring Fling

BBC's Kent County Spring Flight (KCSF) was a great success. The weather was beautiful and even the rain predicted for Monday held off. A highlight is that Frank and Kathy Anders who ran KCSF for ten years participated in 2016. See photos of cyclists at the Washington College Campus. We are looking forward to an even better event in 2017. 

Beware of Hogweed!

Tis the season for roadside stops, but be aware of the vegetation alongside the road. The plant pictured here in this photo from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is known as giant hogweed, and it can cause a rash worse than poison ivy. BBC member Lydia Cunningham shares her experiences with it in this article.  If you’ve seen giant hogweed in Maryland, please contact the Plant Protection and Weed Management Section of the Maryland Department of Agriculture at (410) 841-5920