Before choosing to ride with the 16 and over group, please be aware:

·         16+ rides are for experienced, strong, fast cyclists who desire more of a challenge than provided by other group rides.  The 16 And Over (16+) ride category is for bicyclists able to maintain average speeds of 16 mph and more over climbs and challenging terrain. 

·         The ride leader will not sweep 16+ rides.  Cyclists are expected to be self-sufficient in terms of minor repairs, following cue sheets, and recovering from missed turns or incorrect cue sheets.  

·         Some regrouping may be done on the 16+ rides, but slower riders will often fail to make these regroupings and will be dropped.  The 16+ group will welcome them when they are stronger cyclists and can hang with the established 16+ group.  All bicyclists in the 16+ group should be experienced in the etiquette and skills of group cycling.  Often the 16+ group will split into speed-range groups. 

·         Riders who are unsure of whether a particular 16+ ride is for them should contact the ride leader of that ride.  If you are new to the club’s group rides or are not sure you are capable of a 16+ ride, you should go on a few 13-15 rides and get some sense of how you do at that level before joining a 16+ ride.

·         Slower riders who want to do these routes at their own pace are welcome.