BBC Ride Posting Instructions-- You must be a member to post rides.

In "Rides & Events",  Above the "Year" selector of the calendar is an "Add a ride" icon. Click that icon to add a ride.  

Instructions for each box in the "Add a ride" entry form:

Title: keep short and vivid.  This is what people will see in the calendar.

Category: select the appropriate ride category.

Access: "Public" is already selected and should not be changed.

Ride Type: Leave the Meeting box selected.

Ride Date Start: Click the calendar icon, select the day you want your ride to take place.

Ride Date End:  This will be automatically be filled in with the same date as the "Ride Date Start". That is how it should be.

Ride Time Start:  Chose your start time.  Let the other start times on the calendar for this time of the year help you chose an appropriate start time.

Ride Time End: Estimate an end time.  Keep this rough and don't try to be exact. Just put the closest hour.

Location:  Use the Code and description from the "Start Locations" (This is in a menu on the left hand side of the page you are on, under "Rides & Events Menu).  If your ride starts from a location that is not on this list, enter a short name for the start here and full directions later in the "Description" section of the "Add a ride" form.  

Distance: enter the distance in miles

Ride Terrain: Select an option from the drop down list most closely resembling your ride terrain.

Leaders Expected Pace:  This is the pace the ride leader expects to ride since catagories have a range.

Regrouping:  Select an option from the drop down list most closely resembling your intended frequency of waiting for other riders.

Rest Stops:  Select an option from the drop down list most closely resembling your intended frequency of stopping.

Rain Cancellation:  Select an option from the drop down list most closely resembling your tolerance to potential rain cancelling your ride.  If you do decide to cancell please come back to edit your ride and change "Status" to "Cancelled" and post a message on the Ride Change forum.

Ride Leader Name:  Enter your name.

Phone Number: Enter your phone number so that people can contact you.

Email: Enter your email so interested people can contact you with questions.

Tcx url:  Enter a URL if you have a TCX file to share.

Web site:  If you have more information on the ride on the web, enter the URL [link] for that information. This could point to a google map of the ride, for instance or it could point to the cue sheet for the ride.

Number of Riders Present:  After the ride is done please come back to edit your ride and enter the number of riders who were present for the ride. 

Description:  Describe the ride.  How much climbing? Give the total climbing in feet if you know it. Very Hilly? flat? rural? through the city?  Where are the stops?  Give enough of a description here so that people can decide whether they want to come out for the ride.  Look at other ride descriptions; see which ones draw you.  It is OK to exaggerate the beauties of the ride. (Actually it is impossible to exaggerate the beauties of the ride around Baltimore.)

Is this a repeating ride?:  Check this box if you want to repeat the ride at other times.  A drop down box will appear to fill in the frequency.

Google Maps:  If your ride start was not found by Google Maps you can try an alternate location nearby, or if known, provide the latitude and longitude coordinates (These can be found on Google Maps website).  After entering the data click "Geocode Location".

STOP HERE. Don't touch anything else in the "Add a ride" form!


Click the "Save" button in the upper or lower right part of the "Add a ride" form.

After a few seconds your ride should appear on the calendar.  Navigate to the date on the calendar where your ride should be shown. Is it there?  Open it up and make sure it says what you want.  Make corrections by opening the ride by clicking on "+" in the entry for it.  You will be able to change your own rides. An "Edit" and a "Delete" button will appear in the upper right hand corner of the "Add a Ride" form.  Again, be sure to "Save" your changes after making them.

Non-BBC Rides, Out of Bounds, and Events Posting --  Only board members and event coordinators are permitted to post these types of non-regular club rides and events.

Be On Time -- Please note that the times specified for each ride are the ride start times. You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the ride start time to sign in and prepare for the ride.

Check The Ride Changes Forum -- Ride Leaders will post any ride cancellations or changes here

Be Fair and Courteous -- If you are going to post a competing ride in a particular category contact the ride leader of the originally scheduled ride to discuss the situation.