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Ride Title:
Glenwood CC to Damascus
All Pace Long
Ride Date:
Sunday, Jul 14 8am - 2pm
56 miles
Leaders Pace:
13 mph
Ride Terrain:
Rolling With Hills
Rest stops:
Weather Cancellation:
Precipitation >60%
Ride Leader:
Ed Cahill
Tcx url:
see below

GWCC, 56/44/46 miles, Several scenic ride through Howard, Carroll, and Montgomery counties, lunch/snack stop in Damascus.

Sheets 1 and 2 have more miles in Carroll county and fewer miles in Montgomery county than other versions of this ride.

Sheet 3 has 46 mile version that does not go into Carroll County and not as hilly--elevation gain: 2650'

Sheet 1 is the  56 mile version; elevation gain: 3350'

Sheet 2 has a 44 mile version for colder days; elevation Gain2960' 

56 mile version TCX file: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/7655266

44 Mile Version TCX file: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/11138571

46 mile version TCX file: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/4307580

I will bring a cue for the 56 mile version only. I will start early to avoid some of the heat and humidity. Note this route has only the rest stop in Damascus. Please be mindful of your hydration and bring adequate fluids.

I know it's Howard County, but this is a really nice ride. Give it a try.

Last minute change:

At the request of some members, I will bring a 44 mile version of this ride. It is in the cue library as Western Regional Park to Damascus. It is not the 44 mile version above. It is much nicer.
URL: https://baltobikeclub.org/index.php/cue … -44-Miles/ 
TCX file:RWGPS tcx file: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/25914289 

SamKlitzner Ed. The cue sheet #3 in the .xls file isn't even close to the cue sheet on the RWGPS for the 46 mile ride.
10 months ago
SamKlitzner Here is a link to the corrected RWGPS 46 mile ride. The original has 5 turn errors (i.e. right where it should be left, and vise versa). Under no circumstances use that "Glenwood CC to Damascus--Again".fit or cue sheet. When the routing was done the "X" was put PAST the turn, then it automatically U-Turned the route, and came up with the exact opposite turn direction as a result. It is unusable.


10 months ago
RChason any 16+ riders interested, I'm going to pirate Ed's great ride, as usual. ;)
10 months ago
SamKlitzner Thanks Ed. Good follow up to yesterday's ride.
10 months ago
beckyjim Thanks Ed for a fantastic ride!

As Howard Countians I must say that this was the best ride we have ever ridden in HoCo. Many more BBC members should get to know HoCo better (western part is rural with beautiful country side, low traffic' d roads - very much like the BBC rides in southern PA, including total elevation climb).

10 months ago
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